Saturday, February 1, 2014

Things I learned from ALL the snow...

The first thing I learned from all the snow we recently were hit with is that is truly does make for a beautiful backdrop while taking pictures.  Really!  Mother Nature never disappoints in this regard.  It also helps when you have beautiful children :) 

The next thing I learned is you cannot always believe the forecasters.  Our little area was "supposed" to get a dusting; an inch at the most.  WRONG.  We ended up with 3 inches.  It was so cold that the snow was freezing as it fell to the ground.  I left preschool to pick up my girls at 12:00 and made it home with both girls at 3:00.  Usually that trip takes me 25 minutes round trip.  After reading about the commutes of thousands of other people, I consider myself lucky.  It was honestly one of the most horrendous commutes I've ever made and I prayed the entire time I was driving.  I prayed for myself, all of the other commuters all over the state who were in a similar situation, and my husband, who ended up spending the night in a hotel because the traffic was beyond comprehension.

I learned that the squeals of laughter heard from my girls as they threw snowballs at one another is one of my new favorite sounds in the world.

I learned that sledding down our iced driveway is F-U-N.  If our driveway is good for nothing else, it damn rocks at sledding.  The other kids in our neighborhood caught on to this and joined us.  (On a side note it has to be said that I purchased the sleds the girls are using back in 2011 after the last winter storm we had.  Doug complained that I jinxed the entire state of Georgia and we'd never see snow again.  I am still waiting for my apology.)

I learned that one of my children LOVES sledding.

I learned that one of my children mildly enjoyed sledding.

I learned that my neighbor bought her girls the BEST sleds ever from Walmart and that next year I will have to keep my eyes open for a couple to add to our collection.

I learned that pool floats actually make kick ass sleds.  Seriously.  One of our neighbors didn't have a sled so she brought her pool float.  Man did that thing fly down the driveway!  All the kids started taking turns on each other's sleds.  I think Hadley actually enjoyed the pool float the best.

I learned that my Subaru, which has AWD (All Wheel Drive), is completely awesome in the snow.  I felt completely confident taking turns and hills that I saw others were struggling to make.  Best.Car.Ever.

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Sarah said...

So glad you got home safe. My car is not so great in the snow so I parked it and walked home with the kids. Luckily the kids thought it was an adventure! And I completely agree with the snow making an awesome backdrop. For a minute or two I thought about trying to get Rob to take family pics in it!