Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Please Mother Nature...no.more.ice.or.snow.or.basically.cold.weather

Alright....it's enough.  I mean it.  I need no more ice or snow.  Basically, I am ready for spring.  So ready in fact I took advantage of Doug being home today and yelled "peace out" before grabbing my wallet and car keys and driving to the nail salon where I watched the owner of the salon bedazzle my toes into flip-flop toes.  I was high on the thought of warmer weather until another patron of said establishment burst my bubble by saying she heard we have more ice headed our way in another few weeks.  I'm not sure how the weathermen of America even can predict two weeks out but the thought of MORE cold weather makes me kinda crazy.  This is Georgia y'all and we live on wearing flip-flops about 75% of the year. So Mother Nature, if you're listening, pretty please, no more snow or ice.  P.S.  We've REALLY been enjoying the spring like weather. 

 CAUTION! When you give your 6 year old the hose it's chaos.  I overheard Doug and Delaney shout on more than one occasion to spray the car and not them.  Hadley is one of those people that when she has something to say she points the hose in the same direction her body is facing.  Whoops...

Electric blue!  It's a bit overwhelming when I am asked to select a color.  There are only about 208 different colors to choose from. 

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