Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Please Mother Nature...no.more.ice.or.snow.or.basically.cold.weather

Alright....it's enough.  I mean it.  I need no more ice or snow.  Basically, I am ready for spring.  So ready in fact I took advantage of Doug being home today and yelled "peace out" before grabbing my wallet and car keys and driving to the nail salon where I watched the owner of the salon bedazzle my toes into flip-flop toes.  I was high on the thought of warmer weather until another patron of said establishment burst my bubble by saying she heard we have more ice headed our way in another few weeks.  I'm not sure how the weathermen of America even can predict two weeks out but the thought of MORE cold weather makes me kinda crazy.  This is Georgia y'all and we live on wearing flip-flops about 75% of the year. So Mother Nature, if you're listening, pretty please, no more snow or ice.  P.S.  We've REALLY been enjoying the spring like weather. 

 CAUTION! When you give your 6 year old the hose it's chaos.  I overheard Doug and Delaney shout on more than one occasion to spray the car and not them.  Hadley is one of those people that when she has something to say she points the hose in the same direction her body is facing.  Whoops...

Electric blue!  It's a bit overwhelming when I am asked to select a color.  There are only about 208 different colors to choose from. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Big Apple Circus

Remember the circus you went to as a kid?  The one where it was more about people with AMAZING talents?  That's what this experience was for me. This circus blew The Ringling Bros. Circus out of the water.  The mister and I are NOT fans of the Ringling Bros. and after the one and only show we ever took the girls to see, we swore we'd NEVER EVER go back.  Thus far, we have stuck to our promise.  Doug had heard really good things about The Big Apple Circus so he surprised us with tickets.  What I learned about this circus is they are not-for-profit and do amazing work for various children's hospitals and other organizations.  Made me feel better about the ridiculous amount of money we dropped on hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, m&ms, juice, bottled water and coke.  Jeez....we are pigs.  Seriously, if you ever get the opportunity to check out this circus, do so.  You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Things I learned from ALL the snow...

The first thing I learned from all the snow we recently were hit with is that is truly does make for a beautiful backdrop while taking pictures.  Really!  Mother Nature never disappoints in this regard.  It also helps when you have beautiful children :) 

The next thing I learned is you cannot always believe the forecasters.  Our little area was "supposed" to get a dusting; an inch at the most.  WRONG.  We ended up with 3 inches.  It was so cold that the snow was freezing as it fell to the ground.  I left preschool to pick up my girls at 12:00 and made it home with both girls at 3:00.  Usually that trip takes me 25 minutes round trip.  After reading about the commutes of thousands of other people, I consider myself lucky.  It was honestly one of the most horrendous commutes I've ever made and I prayed the entire time I was driving.  I prayed for myself, all of the other commuters all over the state who were in a similar situation, and my husband, who ended up spending the night in a hotel because the traffic was beyond comprehension.

I learned that the squeals of laughter heard from my girls as they threw snowballs at one another is one of my new favorite sounds in the world.

I learned that sledding down our iced driveway is F-U-N.  If our driveway is good for nothing else, it damn rocks at sledding.  The other kids in our neighborhood caught on to this and joined us.  (On a side note it has to be said that I purchased the sleds the girls are using back in 2011 after the last winter storm we had.  Doug complained that I jinxed the entire state of Georgia and we'd never see snow again.  I am still waiting for my apology.)

I learned that one of my children LOVES sledding.

I learned that one of my children mildly enjoyed sledding.

I learned that my neighbor bought her girls the BEST sleds ever from Walmart and that next year I will have to keep my eyes open for a couple to add to our collection.

I learned that pool floats actually make kick ass sleds.  Seriously.  One of our neighbors didn't have a sled so she brought her pool float.  Man did that thing fly down the driveway!  All the kids started taking turns on each other's sleds.  I think Hadley actually enjoyed the pool float the best.

I learned that my Subaru, which has AWD (All Wheel Drive), is completely awesome in the snow.  I felt completely confident taking turns and hills that I saw others were struggling to make.  Best.Car.Ever.