Friday, January 17, 2014

Our latest craze (obsession)!

I must admit...our work area is a little cluttered.

I made these!  They are called the rectangle bracelet...

Okay.....when I first heard of these rubber band bracelets, I was shopping at Michaels and ran into a friend of a friend whom I knew well enough to have a 10 minute conversation with.  She's holding a box in her hands with her daughter excitedly bouncing beside her.  She sees me look at the box and says, "Oh, are your girls doing these too?"  I had NO clue what the heck she was talking about.  She must have sensed my confusion and then proceeded to fill me in on the latest craze.  Rainbow Loom.  I really didn't give it much thought.  I said good-bye and went on my merry way.

Fast forward two weeks later.  Delaney AND Hadley both come home from school babbling about these SUPER COOL bracelets that some of their friends have and made all by themselves.  Out of rubber bands!  The following morning a commercial came on during a break from Spongebob and Delaney paused the DVR and insisted that I came and see what they've been talking about.  I must admit, I thought the whole thing looked fun.  And cool.  A few weeks later and Delaney is unwrapping a present from one of her besties at her birthday party and whadya know?  A Rainbow Loom.  With extra rubber bands and everything. 

The first few attempts?  DISASTER.  Delaney actually got upset enough to cry.  I had to sit beside her and coax her through her first bracelet.  For a little while, all she really made were the ones that were the basic bracelet that comes in the instructions with the loom.  She made Christmas bracelets, bracelets for her sister, bracelets for me and Doug, etc.  She even messed one up and purposely made it tiny in hopes that Ginger could sport it.  Ginger set the score on that one right up front (FAIL).

After Christmas, once Delaney received her own Kindle Fire, she downloaded a book on it that was all about making more complicated and beautiful bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.  I was pretty impressed with the first few bracelets she brought to me.  The fishtail became my favorite!  This inspired me to go on to Pinterest and find cool bracelets that we could maybe make together.  I found one with Mickey Mouse ears!  Jackpot!  Perhaps the words "challenging" should have been my first clue that is wasn't going to be a walk in the park.  After two failed attempts and a few tears of my own, I was so ready to throw in the towel and say, eff it.  But I didn't.  I wanted Delaney to see that even though I struggled with it, eventually I was able to finish.  I made each girl a Mickey bracelet.  Doug has on more than one occasion called me a dork.  What can I say...this dork in particular loves the loom and I am currently plotting my next "challenging" move.

See?  Even Freddy was into the loom!

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