Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

So obviously, I need to make a New Years resolution to be more on top of blogging.  What can I say?  Life gets busier and busier.  I just need a few more hours in my day.  Maybe even a clone. 

We had a wonderful Christmas.  The day was spent in our pajamas while feasting on breakfast and cookies for the entire day.  I made a quiche that was ridiculously good (ham, cheese and broccoli).   We introduced Delaney to life with a Kindle Fire.  While she loves it, she still seems to like having a real book in her hands.  I can sympathize as I too put off getting one as long as possible.  Hadley apparently awoke with the birds because the second I turned on light in my bathroom at 6:30am, she burst into my room and wanted to know if she could go downstairs to see her stocking.  Her eyes were so bright with giddiness it was just plain adorable.  I won the jackpot this year and received the best gift ever.  A new camera!  A fancy schmancy super awesome wicked picture taking camera that I have been dreaming of getting for years (fist pump)!  Thanks to my sweet husband, who was silly enough to feel bad I only had a few things under the tree.  Honestly, as I get older, there's less I want.  I'm always grateful for the gifts I receive but it's seriously become more about giving to others.  I get joy from finding the perfect gift for someone or just buying something for someone that I know will make him or her very happy.  It's about my girls and the joy on their faces when they get something they have been longing and hoping for. 

Did any of you make resolutions for the New Year?  I am probably one of the few people that take this seriously.  Like all people, I try hard for some and some just completely fail.  When Delaney was around 3, I made one to recycle and to this day I still recycle.  Last year I promised myself to let go of the things in my life that couldn't be changed.  Epic fail.  I started out good but got discouraged along the way and threw in the towel.  This year I am determined to work hard towards my resolution to see it through.  Will post more about this later (for real).

Pet update:  Miraculously Buddy is still alive.  That joker turned 16 last month.  I told Doug, "If he had been a kid, he's be driving right now."  I keep saying the end has to be near but with him who knows.  He's very fit for a dog his age.  Ginger, is a total pain in the ass.  She literally jumped on me at 3:30am this morning and meowed very loudly in my face.  For what, who the heck knows.  She is still the loudest, most vocal cat we've ever owned but I freaking love her so much it's ridiculous.  She tolerates Hadley's antics like a champ so she's earned her place in this house.  Sadly, Hadley's hermit crab, Mr. Pinchers, left us to go to heaven in November.  It was probably for the best as he only had one eye and was missing a leg.  He was a real trooper which we learned after he went for a ride in the washing machine.  God bless him.  We still have Pinchy who I sincerely hopes survives the winter.  He is Delaney's hermit crab and Lord knows we don't need him fading away.  That child has a bleeding heart and doesn't do well with pet deaths.  Let's just hope Ginger leaves him alone.  He has become a strange fascination for her.

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