Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where is the relaxation in dusting out the cobwebs?

So this past week has been my fall break.  I am torn about not having it with the girls.  That is the downside to working in another county while your children go to school in another.  Mostly, I wish the girls and I had our fall break together.  Because while it is my fall break, I don't really feel like I'm getting a true break.  I am still setting my alarm to get up and get ready because I have two girls to get off to school.  I am still cleaning the house.  I am still doing laundry.  I am still chauffeuring the girls to their activities and such.  The definition of break = a temporary reprieve. 

I promise I'm not a weird cat lady but I do really love this kitty!

 Delaney riding the most stubborn horse ever at the barn....Preacher!

 OMG!  I saw this and had to take a picture!  It's a Henry Cavill stuffed Superman!  I so should have bought this if for no other reason but to say...."I slept with Henry Cavill last night."

Hadley makes friends no matter what kind they are!

I made my goal today to be not to do any cleaning.  Like I know I should be mopping the hardwood floors but I made a promise to myself that I would NOT do any cleaning (just for today), and a promise is a promise.  After dropping off the girls this morning, I came to a screeching halt in the foyer.  I glanced over at my nemesis and finally lost my marbles for a second.  What is my nemesis you ask?  It's the shoe box area where the shoes are supposed to go.  Which they do for the most part.  Problem is that I've been "sharing" said box with the girls and apparently, my shoes were sorta taking over.  And Hadley's too.  Evidently, Hadley and I, we just love shoes so much that her shoes and my shoes were fighting over who would get to have all that space.  I decided her shoes and Delaney's shoes should win.  So I packed up my shoes and headed off to the closet.  Do you ever have a project in your home that you know needs tackling but it keeps getting put off and put off.  Well....ahem....that would be my closet.  It was by no means chaotic or anything like that.  It just needed a serious tweek.  A little reorganization if you will.  Which is something I happen to LOVE (see...all caps).  So before I even know what's happening, boxes are flying through the air, I'm sneezing loudly thanks to all the dust bunnies and bags of miscellaneous crap are exiting the closet.  FYI....I found a super cute pair of black boots hidden in the rubble that I had no idea I still had.  Talk about excitement! 

The reorganization did not stop there.  It spilled over to the bathroom and I even managed to get both Doug's and my cabinets completely cleaned out (I mean reorganized).  I also learned some valuable information.  Like, we won't need to purchase another toothbrush for at least 4-5 years.  Doug has enough razors to last for 10 years.  I have 5 unopened bottles of body mist that spell heavenly and enough eye cream to last the next few years even though it will probably be much longer since I'm kinda lazy about using it. 

Moral of my story:  Even though I didn't go totally lazy like I know I should allow myself to do, I got some things done that sorely needed my attention and it gave my mood a boost.  Since it's my day and all, I think I've earned the right to a maple bacon cupcake and some quality time on my Kindle.  Peace out...

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