Saturday, October 5, 2013

Animal parties, cat antics and more...

This post is for my girls.  One day they'll be sitting in their shrink's office complaining about how I screwed up their lives with my control freak and OCD issues.  I want them to know that I love them SO much that this past week we had not one but TWO freaking birthday parties for their stuffed animals.  Boy frog turned 41.  Justin Zeiber turned 4.   We even ate our chocolate chip cookies on fancy wedding china that never sees the light of day.  So if that's not love, I don't know what is.

We were more of cat people growing up than dog people.  I have always loved having a cat.  Especially when they're young.  They are little fluff balls of energy that zoom around the house and get into EVERYTHING they possibly can.  I forgot about that part.  There is nothing I do that doesn't involve Ginger to some degree.  For instance, making my bed.  This is an event that I can always count on to remove Ginger at least 10-15 times.  She must have booby traps rigged in my room too because she can hear me in the dead of sleep.  She's also got crazy quiet ninja paws because half of the time I don't even hear her coming; she just shows up.  So making my bed every morning goes a little something like this:

1.  Remove pillows from bed and pull back covers.
2.  Remove Ginger from bed.
3.  Smooth out fitted sheet.
4.  Dodge Ginger from attacking my hands and place her on floor.
5.  Smooth flat sheet out and tuck in sides.
6.  Remove Ginger from under flat sheet and place her back on the floor.  Scold her for a few seconds even though she's already tuning you out to jump back on the bed.
7.  Repeat steps 5 & 6 for about three more times.
8.  Pull comforter onto bed and smooth out wrinkles.
9.  Ignore Ginger doing the sideways strut with her fluffed out tail.  She won't really attack but is trying to scare you off.
10.  Place pillows on the bed and for fun, throw a few at Ginger.
11.  Put decorative pillows on bed but be careful.  This is where Ginger becomes a blur as she will run head first into pillows and take off before you even realize what just happened (she will repeat this process a few more times).

Delaney joined Chorus this year which has I was pretty excited about.  I was in Chorus from 4th grade through high school.  I love to sing.  Tuesday afternoon, Delaney came skipping over to the car clutching in her hand a CD containing about 9 Christmas songs for their Christmas concert in December.  Their teacher made copies for them so they could practice at home.  Delaney promptly came home and popped her new CD and kept it on a continuous loop from about 4:00 til bedtime.  When I approached her about turning it off she informed me that she needs to learn her music and she can't do that if she doesn't listen to the CD.  I politely informed her that she cannot expect the entire house to listen to her CD day in and day out until December.  Because so help me God, if I hear Frosty the Snowman one more time, her CD will not see another day.  She sighed and agreed that she would turn the volume down a bit.

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