Friday, September 27, 2013

Love at the zoo (I think)

Fall is in the air....this weather is teasing me with it.  I cannot wait!  I have purchased my pumpkin spice coffee creamer, my pumpkin spice waffles and have decorated the downstairs with our Halloween decor.  Yesterday I managed to get the girls' Halloween costumes ordered and Doug purchased our tickets for the Haunted Hayride at Red Top Mountain.  Yes, fall is here and this momma is LOVING it!

This past week the girls have been on fall break.  Today, we were lucky enough to have Doug take the day off and we packed a lunch and headed to the zoo.  We've had season passes since Delaney was two.  I checked the forecast and saw that the high for today is 80 degrees with low humidity.  Perfect zoo weather!

It's been noticed that the animals at the zoo tend to be more active when it's not so stinking hot.  Well, except for the lion.  That dude is straight up lazy.  I've heard him roar one time in the last six years.  No joke. Anyhoo, today all of the animals we saw seemed to be in good spirits.  Some more than others.  While visiting the giraffe exhibit we noticed just how good their spirits really were.  I noticed two of the giraffes in particular seemed to be having issues with each other.  One was following the other and the one being followed was highly annoyed.  I caught Delaney chanting "fight, fight, fight" under her breath.  The giraffes were attracting a small crowd at this point as everyone watched mesmerized and waiting to see what would happen next.  Suddenly, the smaller of the two giraffes stops, and starts peeing.  Of course all of the kids are shouting "Ewww!" and giggling.  Nothing bands a group of kids together more than poop or pee (just saying).  As the smaller giraffe is using the facilities, the one that has been following it around starts drinking the pee mid-stream.  I wish I were joking.  Collectively, the entire crowd did a gasp.  It didn't stop there.  The giraffe then whipped it's head back and I swear it looked like it started gargling the pee.  At this point everyone is shouting things, kids are dry heaving and most of the adults are making lewd comments under their breath.  Before anything else could go down, Hadley announced she had to go to the bathroom and we quickly made our exit.

 Even the parakeets were feeling the love...

 Sister Snakes (I actually thought they were kinda cute!)

 Naked Mole Rats


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