Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where is the relaxation in dusting out the cobwebs?

So this past week has been my fall break.  I am torn about not having it with the girls.  That is the downside to working in another county while your children go to school in another.  Mostly, I wish the girls and I had our fall break together.  Because while it is my fall break, I don't really feel like I'm getting a true break.  I am still setting my alarm to get up and get ready because I have two girls to get off to school.  I am still cleaning the house.  I am still doing laundry.  I am still chauffeuring the girls to their activities and such.  The definition of break = a temporary reprieve. 

I promise I'm not a weird cat lady but I do really love this kitty!

 Delaney riding the most stubborn horse ever at the barn....Preacher!

 OMG!  I saw this and had to take a picture!  It's a Henry Cavill stuffed Superman!  I so should have bought this if for no other reason but to say...."I slept with Henry Cavill last night."

Hadley makes friends no matter what kind they are!

I made my goal today to be not to do any cleaning.  Like I know I should be mopping the hardwood floors but I made a promise to myself that I would NOT do any cleaning (just for today), and a promise is a promise.  After dropping off the girls this morning, I came to a screeching halt in the foyer.  I glanced over at my nemesis and finally lost my marbles for a second.  What is my nemesis you ask?  It's the shoe box area where the shoes are supposed to go.  Which they do for the most part.  Problem is that I've been "sharing" said box with the girls and apparently, my shoes were sorta taking over.  And Hadley's too.  Evidently, Hadley and I, we just love shoes so much that her shoes and my shoes were fighting over who would get to have all that space.  I decided her shoes and Delaney's shoes should win.  So I packed up my shoes and headed off to the closet.  Do you ever have a project in your home that you know needs tackling but it keeps getting put off and put off.  Well....ahem....that would be my closet.  It was by no means chaotic or anything like that.  It just needed a serious tweek.  A little reorganization if you will.  Which is something I happen to LOVE (see...all caps).  So before I even know what's happening, boxes are flying through the air, I'm sneezing loudly thanks to all the dust bunnies and bags of miscellaneous crap are exiting the closet.  FYI....I found a super cute pair of black boots hidden in the rubble that I had no idea I still had.  Talk about excitement! 

The reorganization did not stop there.  It spilled over to the bathroom and I even managed to get both Doug's and my cabinets completely cleaned out (I mean reorganized).  I also learned some valuable information.  Like, we won't need to purchase another toothbrush for at least 4-5 years.  Doug has enough razors to last for 10 years.  I have 5 unopened bottles of body mist that spell heavenly and enough eye cream to last the next few years even though it will probably be much longer since I'm kinda lazy about using it. 

Moral of my story:  Even though I didn't go totally lazy like I know I should allow myself to do, I got some things done that sorely needed my attention and it gave my mood a boost.  Since it's my day and all, I think I've earned the right to a maple bacon cupcake and some quality time on my Kindle.  Peace out...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Animal parties, cat antics and more...

This post is for my girls.  One day they'll be sitting in their shrink's office complaining about how I screwed up their lives with my control freak and OCD issues.  I want them to know that I love them SO much that this past week we had not one but TWO freaking birthday parties for their stuffed animals.  Boy frog turned 41.  Justin Zeiber turned 4.   We even ate our chocolate chip cookies on fancy wedding china that never sees the light of day.  So if that's not love, I don't know what is.

We were more of cat people growing up than dog people.  I have always loved having a cat.  Especially when they're young.  They are little fluff balls of energy that zoom around the house and get into EVERYTHING they possibly can.  I forgot about that part.  There is nothing I do that doesn't involve Ginger to some degree.  For instance, making my bed.  This is an event that I can always count on to remove Ginger at least 10-15 times.  She must have booby traps rigged in my room too because she can hear me in the dead of sleep.  She's also got crazy quiet ninja paws because half of the time I don't even hear her coming; she just shows up.  So making my bed every morning goes a little something like this:

1.  Remove pillows from bed and pull back covers.
2.  Remove Ginger from bed.
3.  Smooth out fitted sheet.
4.  Dodge Ginger from attacking my hands and place her on floor.
5.  Smooth flat sheet out and tuck in sides.
6.  Remove Ginger from under flat sheet and place her back on the floor.  Scold her for a few seconds even though she's already tuning you out to jump back on the bed.
7.  Repeat steps 5 & 6 for about three more times.
8.  Pull comforter onto bed and smooth out wrinkles.
9.  Ignore Ginger doing the sideways strut with her fluffed out tail.  She won't really attack but is trying to scare you off.
10.  Place pillows on the bed and for fun, throw a few at Ginger.
11.  Put decorative pillows on bed but be careful.  This is where Ginger becomes a blur as she will run head first into pillows and take off before you even realize what just happened (she will repeat this process a few more times).

Delaney joined Chorus this year which has I was pretty excited about.  I was in Chorus from 4th grade through high school.  I love to sing.  Tuesday afternoon, Delaney came skipping over to the car clutching in her hand a CD containing about 9 Christmas songs for their Christmas concert in December.  Their teacher made copies for them so they could practice at home.  Delaney promptly came home and popped her new CD and kept it on a continuous loop from about 4:00 til bedtime.  When I approached her about turning it off she informed me that she needs to learn her music and she can't do that if she doesn't listen to the CD.  I politely informed her that she cannot expect the entire house to listen to her CD day in and day out until December.  Because so help me God, if I hear Frosty the Snowman one more time, her CD will not see another day.  She sighed and agreed that she would turn the volume down a bit.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Love at the zoo (I think)

Fall is in the air....this weather is teasing me with it.  I cannot wait!  I have purchased my pumpkin spice coffee creamer, my pumpkin spice waffles and have decorated the downstairs with our Halloween decor.  Yesterday I managed to get the girls' Halloween costumes ordered and Doug purchased our tickets for the Haunted Hayride at Red Top Mountain.  Yes, fall is here and this momma is LOVING it!

This past week the girls have been on fall break.  Today, we were lucky enough to have Doug take the day off and we packed a lunch and headed to the zoo.  We've had season passes since Delaney was two.  I checked the forecast and saw that the high for today is 80 degrees with low humidity.  Perfect zoo weather!

It's been noticed that the animals at the zoo tend to be more active when it's not so stinking hot.  Well, except for the lion.  That dude is straight up lazy.  I've heard him roar one time in the last six years.  No joke. Anyhoo, today all of the animals we saw seemed to be in good spirits.  Some more than others.  While visiting the giraffe exhibit we noticed just how good their spirits really were.  I noticed two of the giraffes in particular seemed to be having issues with each other.  One was following the other and the one being followed was highly annoyed.  I caught Delaney chanting "fight, fight, fight" under her breath.  The giraffes were attracting a small crowd at this point as everyone watched mesmerized and waiting to see what would happen next.  Suddenly, the smaller of the two giraffes stops, and starts peeing.  Of course all of the kids are shouting "Ewww!" and giggling.  Nothing bands a group of kids together more than poop or pee (just saying).  As the smaller giraffe is using the facilities, the one that has been following it around starts drinking the pee mid-stream.  I wish I were joking.  Collectively, the entire crowd did a gasp.  It didn't stop there.  The giraffe then whipped it's head back and I swear it looked like it started gargling the pee.  At this point everyone is shouting things, kids are dry heaving and most of the adults are making lewd comments under their breath.  Before anything else could go down, Hadley announced she had to go to the bathroom and we quickly made our exit.

 Even the parakeets were feeling the love...

 Sister Snakes (I actually thought they were kinda cute!)

 Naked Mole Rats


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Whatcha reading?

One question I am always asked that I absolutely never ever tire of answering is, "what are you reading?"  Since it's been forever I thought I would post some of my faves here.  And if you have any that are worth mentioning please give me a holla in the comment section because seriously y'all.....I am ALWAYS looking for a good read.

Bully by Penelope Douglas: A young adult book that I think I paid .99 cents for on Amazon but loved every minute of it.  Made me reminisce about high school and young love.  Well written with good characters.  Had a hard time putting this one down.

Captive in the Dark & Seduced in the Dark by CJ Roberts:  Warning y'all.....these books are completely dark and not your average feel good book.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed them.  One minute I felt like I was gonna throw up, the next I was sobbing and then falling in love.  The characters are beautifully written and the writing is downright heartbreaking.  There were moments I wanted to throw the book down and never pick it up again but of course, like a moth to a flame, I was back wanting more.  There is a third out that I haven't read yet but am looking forward to it.

Crow's Row by Julie Hockley:  This is by far one of my favorite books I've read all year long!  A girl who is kidnapped falls in love with her captor with a mafia/gangster twist to it.  I won't give anything away but if you read nothing else you should read this book.  I loaned it to Doug who also read and enjoyed it.  There is a second book due out this winter sometime and I am counting down the days!

On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves:  GREAT book alert!  Kinda think Cast Away with a love story.  The writing is outstanding and I enjoyed the characters in this book more than most.  I like books that are thought provoking and I definitely had a hard time picking up another book after finishing this one. 

This Man, Beneath this Man and This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas:  This series is just plain fantastic!  The writing is sometimes downright hilarious and made me feel like I could totally be besties with the main character of these books.  And I have one name for you that after you read will send tingles down your back....Jesse Ward.  He is probably one of the hottest characters I've ever read in a book alongside Christian Grey and Gideon Cross.  Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.

Vain by Fisher Amelie:  This book stole my heart.  I totally didn't expect it but it did.  I even did the "ugly" cry over it.  Another thought provoking book that left me feeling like I needed a few days to digest all that I read before moving on to something else.  Wonderful characters, wonderful setting, wonderful writing! 

I could literally sit here all night long and talk about books and list book after book after book.  But I won't.  I only have 30 or more books sitting on my Kindle waiting to be read.  Damn you 1-click!  You make it so easy....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Longest Hiatus Ever....

I like how I just used the word "hiatus" in my title to basically say that I'm lazy and needed a break so I fired myself from writing on my blog which I dearly missed and have decided to come back to in order to right myself.  Jeez....long winded apparently.  Give me almost a year off and now I probably will never shut the heck up.  Anyhoo, in all seriousness, I did need a break but I have decided that I sincerely miss writing about our life and if no one other than my bestest friends or Doug read this blog then I am perfectly okay with that.  Cuz in the end, those are my peeps and they seem to always have my back. 

So we've done a lot over the last 10 months.  We've acquired new pets (again).  We now a kitty named Ginger who is almost 5 months old.  We love her and her feisty attitude.  I love her dearly until about 3:30 a.m. when she decides to wake me every.single.day to protest that she would like MORE food in her dish and maybe for me to pet her for the next 30 minutes without taking a break.  I tolerate her antics for about 5 minutes before I banish her out of our room for the next few hours.  I can't just throw her in the hallway either or that results in her standing at the door and fricking howling (not kidding) at me to open the damn door and let her back in.  Doug's words to me after her first night in our home were, "She's going to cause some serious issues here in this bedroom."  I replied back with, "Oh for crying out loud, she's just a kitten!"  That was 2 months ago and man was he right.  So I end up putting her in the playroom for a few hours as it's at the end of the hallway (FAR away from our room) and she has plenty of things to occupy her.  The other morning I noticed the door was already open after I got up and she launched herself at me the second my feet hit the hallway.  Doug was already awake so I figured he did let her out.  Apparently, he thought I let her out.  After interrogating the girls, we decided maybe we have a ghost in our midst who was a passionate cat-lover in her previous life and didn't appreciate our lengths to get a good night's rest.  Wrong again.  Apparently our playroom door doesn't shut like it's supposed to and Ginger is completely capable of opening a door and letting herself out.  Don't worry....I know this is only the beginning.  Stay tuned.

Along with Ginger aka Gingey, we also acquired two new hermit crabs.  As most of you didn't know, we lost both Hermie and Hermie Jr. right before Christmas last year.  Evidently, they need humidity to survive and once it got super cold and all humidity was gone, we buried not one but two hermit crabs.  And yes I said buried.  Delaney sobbed like we just lost Buddy (who is still alive by the way) and insisted that we give them a proper burial.  So early one morning a few days before Christmas, we stood in our pajamas in the backyard and laid to rest the hermit crabs.  Doug even wrote a poem.  I literally bit my lip so hard to hold the laughter inside that I could taste blood.  When we visited our favorite beach escape this summer, the girls begged us to let them get hermit crabs again.  Now welcome Pinchy and Mr. Pinchers to the family! 

Two weeks ago,  I came home from work to find probably one of the strangest surprises of my life.  That morning before, I threw in a load of towels that was waiting to be washed in the laundry room.  I usually get home about 30 minutes from work before the girls are due to be picked up from school.  I ran upstairs to transfer the towels from the washer to the dryer.  As I was shuffling towels into the dryer I heard something hard hit the floor from my hands.  I looked down to see Mr. Pinchers in a pile on the floor staring up at me.  I will give you a guess who Mr. Pinchers belongs to?    That's right...Hadley.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out how in the world this hermit crab not only made it into the washer but somehow managed to survive the whole cycle, spinning and all.  Once the girls got home from school, I somewhat delicately asked Hadley how this could have happened.  She immediately burst into tears and practically swore on a stack of bibles that she had nothing to do with it.  Of course I didn't believe her because the kid had the worst track record ever with Hermie Jr.  Early the next morning, as I opened the playroom door up to let Ginger out, I noticed that the hermit crab cage's lid was open at the top of their cage and their sponge was removed and lying shredded in a pile on the floor.  That's right....Gingey strikes again.  This kitty is like freaking Houdini or something because how else can a cat open a cage?  We still don't know who put the hermit crab in the laundry pile but now we have not one but two suspects.  I am sorta leaning towards the furry suspect myself.

All else remains the same yet different.  Delaney is in 3rd grade this year.  She's morphing into an adult as we speak.  She is still riding horses but has also added Girl Scouts and chorus to her work load this year.  Hadley is in 1st grade.  She thought in her heart she was done with gymnastics but decided she does really love it so she's back and enjoying it all the same.  She too has added Girl Scouts to her load.  Our life is super busy and while I sometimes have to stand back and have a good cry over it, I love this family of ours and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!