Saturday, November 10, 2012

Is it that time again already?

Yes. It. Is.  With the Christmas season baring down on us again, the toy wish books have been descending upon our house.  Hadley wasted no time snatching a marker out of her box and going to town on all the toys she needs.  Everything from horses to movies to snow cone machines.  For the two days following her crazy marking, she clutched her precious ToysRUs book to her chest and carried it everywhere she could get away with.  She lost the cover and a whole section of coupons fell off of it.  Once, I saw it lying on the hallway floor, and dared to pick it up and put it in her nightstand in her room.  HUGE mistake.  She almost came completely apart in her quest to find it (which did not include just asking her mother if maybe she had seen it).  Although I can kind of relate because if I don't get a Kindle for Christmas, I myself will probably have some sort of catastrophic meltdown.  I mean it (Doug if you're reading this).

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