Saturday, November 10, 2012

Is it that time again already?

Yes. It. Is.  With the Christmas season baring down on us again, the toy wish books have been descending upon our house.  Hadley wasted no time snatching a marker out of her box and going to town on all the toys she needs.  Everything from horses to movies to snow cone machines.  For the two days following her crazy marking, she clutched her precious ToysRUs book to her chest and carried it everywhere she could get away with.  She lost the cover and a whole section of coupons fell off of it.  Once, I saw it lying on the hallway floor, and dared to pick it up and put it in her nightstand in her room.  HUGE mistake.  She almost came completely apart in her quest to find it (which did not include just asking her mother if maybe she had seen it).  Although I can kind of relate because if I don't get a Kindle for Christmas, I myself will probably have some sort of catastrophic meltdown.  I mean it (Doug if you're reading this).

Sunday, November 4, 2012

8 is actually pretty great!

's happened again.  Another year has come and gone and my babies just keep getting bigger and bigger.  The good news?  Both girls have informed me that they want to live with me forever.  FOREVER!  Something tells me that one day they are both going to change their minds but for now, I'm banking on this. 

I approached Delaney about her big day approaching like I always do to feel her out and see what kind of party she wants to have, who to invite, etc.  This year, she told me she wanted to have her two bestest friends from school come over, take them to the movies to see Wreck-It Ralph, and then let them spend the night.  Y'all know we are no strangers to sleepovers.  We've had some fun and very fond memories in the past with our sleepovers.  So I was completely fine with all of the above.  Turns out though that only one bestie could make it.  So....Doug and I packed up 3 girls and ourselves, and headed off to give Delaney special memories for her 8th birthday (gasp, OMG FREAKING EIGHT YEARS OLD....AAAAHHHHH!). 

Wreck-it Ralph was genius!  I mean I know I say this about all Disney movies but this one was so good and so darn creative!  The girls all seemed to love it; especially the birthday girl.  It must be a sign of old age but I swear I am constantly finding reasons to tear up or full out cry at "kid" movies.  Sad to say that this one was no different.  I am a wuss.

Of course as lots of people do, we take the birthday girl/boy out to dinner to his/her favorite restaurant on his/her birthday.  Delaney's favorite happens to be Applebees (vomit).  I swear, I've probably tried 10-15 entrees trying to find one that's good or even semi-good but it just doesn't happen.  Like ever.  Nonetheless, Delaney asked to go to Applebees for her birthday so that's where we took the gang for dinner.

We ended the night by coming home and I gave the girls mani/pedis.  Doug built them a small fire so they could roast marshmallows and make smores.  They even got to jump on the trampoline while it was dark out which was obviously a bigger deal than I anticipated as I was sure the cops were going to get called on the amount of noise those 3 were making.  Doug set up one of his smaller tents in the playroom for them to sleep.  I'm not sure what time exactly Delaney passed out but when I went to check in on them at 10:15 she was out cold.  Mikalah managed another 15 minutes before she joined her friend.  It was a GREAT day and we were so very thankful that Mikalah was able to join us and make Delaney's birthday vision a success.  Delaney told me later as we were driving home from Mikalah's house, "I am so lucky to have her as my friend."  I couldn't agree more....