Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disney On Ice

Things you should know before going to Disney on Ice (if you've never been):

1) Make sure you sell a kidney or some other organ before you go.  The minute you step foot inside the arena you are completely assaulted with vendors trying to sell you toys, food, snow cones, cinnamon toasted almonds (which I was a complete and utter sucker for), programs, drinks, etc.  Delaney and Hadley each picked out a horse which cost $16 per horse.  I got almonds & a water for a mere $12.  The popcorn seemed reasonable for only $6 per box. 

2) Be prepared for LOTS of singing.  And I'm not talking about the characters in the show whom I love to hear sing my favorite Disney movie songs.  I'm talking about the jokers sitting around us who are singing at the top-of-their-freaking-lungs like they've been transported down to the ice to sing in the show.  Puh-lease shut the eff up so I can listen to the people whom I've paid to hear.  You're not Ariel. Or Belle. Or Rapunzel.  Not even close.

3) Beware the drunken twenty-somethings with no kids who crash into seats that don't belong to them half way through the show only sit three rows in front of our family and completely try to ruin our good time and the good time of all the other folks around us.  I wish I were kidding.  A group of 4 college students who couldn't have been older than 21ish showed up right before the second half began.  They each had GIANT beers and pizza and loudly sat themselves down right in front of us.  They were completely obnoxious with their stupid iPhones as they must have posed for about 26 different pictures.  As the last show came on (Beauty & the Beast), the girl on the end (closest to us) picked up her beer and started belting out tunes that Belle was singing.  She was swaying and shouting and high-fiving her other comrades.  We're like magnets for these kinds of people because it never fails to amaze me how often I find myself seated in these situations.

4) Watch out for those unsupervised toddlers as well.  Our seat neighbors on the right of us, showed up about 25 minutes into the show with a toddler and a preschooler.  The preschooler was huddled up on her mother's lap almost the entire time they were there, not seeming to be enjoying herself a whole lot.  The toddler, who could not have been more than 18 months old, was left down on the ground where she thoroughly annoyed another family in front of us by banging on their seats during her favorite Disney scenes.  I'm not paying a whole lot of attention to her at this point until I feel a slight pinching sensation on my arm.  I look down and this kid is literally trying to pry my cuff bracelet off of my arm.  I look at her mother to find that she is not paying a bit of attention to her.  The little girl makes eye contact with me and then launches herself onto my shoe where she proceeds to grind her heel into my toes.  Ugh!  I remove her from my foot as it's throbbing at this point and I really don't want her scuffing up my new shoes.  Her mom then sees that she is all over me and coaxes her to come back over to where she is supposed to be.  She offers up a nervous smile in our direction.  Five minutes later she scoops her up and they depart the show which they were probably present for all of 15-20 minutes. 

Like I told Doug...sometimes it's not even about the show as to whether or not you've had a good time.  Sometimes it's about all the other distractions that have kept you and your family thoroughly entertained.  But seriously....GREAT show!  My personal favorite, as well as Doug's, was The Little Mermaid.  Delaney claimed Brave was her favorite.  Hadley claimed it was by far...."too long!" 

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