Sunday, September 30, 2012

North Georgia Fair

This post makes me super happy for so many reasons!  Secret fact I have probably never divulged before is.....(drum roll)....I love the fair.  Like A LOT.  I think a lot of my enthusiasm comes from being a child and experiencing this for the first time and many other times to follow.  My parents never took us to the fair.  I didn't even really know what a fair was or why my best friend at the time, Kristina Kellogg, used to get so fired up about going.  After finding out that we didn't go, I was invited along with her and her father.  I remember walking in and seeing rides, cotton candy, candied apples, games, giant stuffed animals, popcorn, funnel cakes and hearing shouts/screams/shrieks/laughter drifting down from the rides.  I was caught.  I had fallen in love with something that would stay with me and I would pass down to my children.  To this day when I go, I think back to that first time and remember the girl I shared it with.  The girl who went on to be my best friend for several years before moving away to Florida (thank God for Facebook).  I point out rides that she and I rode together and the girls nod along to my story and stare in awe at the scary rides that their momma has ridden (gasp).  I love that Doug and I were able to split up for a while and Delaney and I snuck off to ride some of the bigger rides that Hadley eyed for about two seconds and refused to step near.  I love that Delaney was able to step out of her comfort zone a few times and allow me to coax her on rides that ordinarily she wouldn't have thought twice about getting on....and she LOVED them.  I love that feeling you get as you get on a ride that you know is gonna scare the crap out of you, yet you do it anyway and leave with the rush that you survived and want to do it all over again.  Even though there is always the "interesting" crowd (putting it nicely), annoying people subjecting you to their second-hand smoke, and crying kids who obviously are way past nap time, I always leave feeling happy, completely broke, and looking forward to next year.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hillcrest Orchards & Proclamations of the L Word

As you can see....we had a busy Saturday round these parts.  I've been dying to get up to Ellijay for the apple picking festivals.  We have tried different orchards in years past but this year I wanted to go back to Hillcrest Orchards, which is by far my favorite.  They have so much to do, which is good since it takes us a little over an hour to get there.  If you haven't been and are looking to go, it's worth the drive.  The cost isn't too expensive either.  It's $6 per person to get in.  The petting zoo is $3 per person, the pony rides are $5 per child, and the bungee jump is $7 per person.  Everything else is included in the entrance fee.  I told the girls that we would do the petting zoo & that they could pick between a pony ride or the bungee jump.  Hadley, being super impulsive, chose the pony ride and pretty much regretted it after she saw the bungee jump.  Of course, after you've ridden a real horse, the pony rides are pretty lame in my opinion.  Delaney thoroughly enjoyed the bungee jump.  At one point, they hoisted her up super high in the air and the look on her face was one of pained excitement.  After this, she asked to be lowered back to the ground.  Ha!  She may be more like her mother than once thought.

Out of the mouth of babes:  Friday afternoon, after we stopped off for ice cream after school, we were driving home when the newest Justin Bieber song came on the radio.  The girls got all excited.  Hadley stated very loudly over his singing, "Momma, I'm falling in love with Justin Bieber."  Oh my.  Mr. Alexander will not be thrilled to hear this.