Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random change

~I got my very first bill from the girls' elementary school yesterday.  $3.50 for Hadley's lunch account.  The child has had not one lunch...but TWO.  I asked her why she is continuing to leave her lunch in her backpack.  "They have food too Mom!"  She declined my offer of letting her eat school food on a routine basis.  She insists that she will eat her lunch, lovingly packed by myself.  Something tells me that this is not the end of this conversation.

~Delaney's second grade class has this confusing behavior system that I'm sure even NASA couldn't crack.  Essentially, from what Delaney has tried to explain & from what I've reviewed in the notes, if they come home as a "Superbee" that means they have behaved perfectly all day long.  NC stands for "no card" which means they were verbally warned and their name gets written on the board.  According to Delaney this is still considered a good status.  Anything past NC means cards were pulled and I'm not sure what the hell else this means but it's no good past NC.  Delaney has had all Superbee statuses thus far except for one day. 

Me:  You got an NC today.  What happened? 

D:  NC is still a good status Mom. 

Me:  I know this.  What were you warned about?  Were you talking when you were supposed to be quiet?  (This is her consistent offense.  She is a girl after all.)

D:  It's called verbal control.

Me:  Which is the same thing.

D:  Mrs. Yarbrough calls it verbal control.

Me:  Fine.  Verbal control. 

D:  Yes, I was talking but only because Darien asked me a question and he's my friend.  It's rude not to answer your friend's questions.

Me:  Tell Darien you'll speak to him during recess.

~So....a big change is on the horizon for me.  I was recently offered a job at the girls' old preschool as assistant teacher to the 4 year teacher.  After praying and pulling my hair out trying to decide if I should leave my job of almost 3 years at the girls' pediatrician's office, or try something different, step out of my comfort zone, I decided on the preschool job for several reasons.  First and most important to me, this job will give me time off on Christmas break, spring break, summer break, etc. which is quality time spent with the girls.  I will also get my weekends back which I have sorely missed.  Second, I love the teachers at this school and think this will be an amazing year getting to work with them and learn from them.  It's 4 days per week for about 4-5 hours per day.  While I am so very excited, I also am a bit sad to be leaving such a great pediatric practice and the friendships I have made during my time there.  While I am not one who likes change all that much, this area of my life is something I did need to change and I am embracing it with wide open arms.

~What's new with the mister?  Since I have not done an official update on Doug in quite a while, here it goes.  He has been walking on two feet since the beginning of June.  As you can imagine, it has been a long road to recovery for him.  He does tend to still have swelling in his ankle due to his break but this is to be expected for another 6-9 months.  He has gotten back to the gym which he sorely missed.  He's able to workout pretty much normally with the exception of running.  Not sure if he'll ever really be able to do that again.  This week he is on a fruit/veggie juice diet thanks to the documentary he's been watching.  I know for a fact that I wouldn't last a single day on this diet but I'm proud to say he's stuck to it and seems to be faring pretty well.  He's got so much discipline in this area of his life that I really shouldn't sound so surprised. 


kassie said...

Congrats on new job! Sounds exciting! You are lucky to be able to choose between two jobs you like... And w/ great hours! So in Kylie's class they r using a check system for behavior. They start w/ a certain amount of $ and if they misbehave they have 2 write Mrs. Jones a check for $15. If u run outta $, them u r really in trouble. and of course they can buy stuff with the $ as well. Glad Harley is liking elementary.. Aubrey is still adjusting 2 oreo (so is mommy) :( . Love reading ur blog. I'm actually gonna start my own. My sister has this habit of writing down whenever her kids sat something ridiculous or funny, not me, I always think ill remember it and then when I'm retelling the story, I can't remember. So I. Going to start a journal of sorts I think. Something u can look back on and read one day.

kassie said...

Damn auto correct.. that should b Hadley and pre-k!

It's Sew Monogrammed said...

Yeah-congrats!! I have been thinking about teaching preschool and maybe I will next year when I only have one left at home!