Friday, August 31, 2012

A bit ragged but mostly great....

Yes...I realize THREE effing weeks just blew by without a sound from this house.  What can I say?  I've been trying to find my groove with this whole going back to work during the week thing and trying to carve out time to a) be with the girls, b) clean the house, and c) maybe grab a quiet minute here or there for myself to read.  Let's just say that while I am learning to let some things's not an easy thing for me.

So this new job that I took at the preschool.....let's just say it's exceeding my expectations.  Seriously.  I mean I knew I would love it.  I love my boss.  I love my co-workers.  The teacher I'm assisting is just AWESOMENESS.  And I adore our students.  But y'all...I did not know how much I would really love it.  It feels so perfect that I feel ridiculous gushing about it.  There are some things we're just meant to do and I feel like this could be one of those things for me.  Of course there's a learning curve and I'm definitely trying to find my way but I'm seriously enjoying it.  My heart feels happy.

This past week at preschool, one of our main discussions was about family.  We asked each child to bring in a picture of their family so they could tell us about them.  We read stories.  They drew pictures of their families.  At the end of the day yesterday I had a conversation with one of my faves (don't tell) that went something like this:

Child:  My grandpa walks with a stroller.

Me:  Your grandpa walks with a walker?

Child:  Yes!  A walker!  He's really old and uses a walker.  But not because he's old.  He has a HUGE tummy!

Me:  My grandpa has a huge tummy too!

Child:  My grandpa's tummy is way bigger!

You know 4 year olds don't have much of a filter.  I can only imagine the stories I will hear.

I had forgotten how much fun it must be when you're in Kindergarten to relay your behavior chart to your mom every day upon entering your car in car line.  Hadley takes pleasure in it even when it's not exactly good behavior.  Don't get me wrong, some of the things she gets in trouble for seem downright ridiculous.  Other times I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to watch it go down.  I posted a picture up above of Hadley's behavior chart for the month of August.  Just to clue you in, I will interpret the colors for you.  Green = good.  Blue = one warning.  Yellow = two warnings.  Red = BAD.  As you can see, we had a good number of green & blue and one yellow day.  Below are some of the comments written in by the teacher's assistant:

8th:  Not following directions
9th:  Not following directions
13th:  Cutting math paper
14th:  Not working in reading centers
16th:  Touching others
17th:  Not doing writing
20th:  Playing on rug
22nd:  Cutting table's supply box; fighting over basket (yellow day)

I have to admit that while I was not surprised by most of this list, I was curious about the fighting over the basket tidbit.  So when I approached her about it she informed me that one of her "best friends" had a basket and some little shithead tried to take it away from her.  Hadley took it upon herself to snatch the basket away from said shithead and returned it to the rightful owner.  Really Mrs. Patrick?  What don't you understand?'s gonna be a long year.  When I showed this behavior chart to Doug he actually snickered when he read "cutting table's supply box."  Which made me snicker and then start laughing.  I guess in the grand scheme of things it's really not a huge deal.  What will I do with this kid?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random change

~I got my very first bill from the girls' elementary school yesterday.  $3.50 for Hadley's lunch account.  The child has had not one lunch...but TWO.  I asked her why she is continuing to leave her lunch in her backpack.  "They have food too Mom!"  She declined my offer of letting her eat school food on a routine basis.  She insists that she will eat her lunch, lovingly packed by myself.  Something tells me that this is not the end of this conversation.

~Delaney's second grade class has this confusing behavior system that I'm sure even NASA couldn't crack.  Essentially, from what Delaney has tried to explain & from what I've reviewed in the notes, if they come home as a "Superbee" that means they have behaved perfectly all day long.  NC stands for "no card" which means they were verbally warned and their name gets written on the board.  According to Delaney this is still considered a good status.  Anything past NC means cards were pulled and I'm not sure what the hell else this means but it's no good past NC.  Delaney has had all Superbee statuses thus far except for one day. 

Me:  You got an NC today.  What happened? 

D:  NC is still a good status Mom. 

Me:  I know this.  What were you warned about?  Were you talking when you were supposed to be quiet?  (This is her consistent offense.  She is a girl after all.)

D:  It's called verbal control.

Me:  Which is the same thing.

D:  Mrs. Yarbrough calls it verbal control.

Me:  Fine.  Verbal control. 

D:  Yes, I was talking but only because Darien asked me a question and he's my friend.  It's rude not to answer your friend's questions.

Me:  Tell Darien you'll speak to him during recess.

~So....a big change is on the horizon for me.  I was recently offered a job at the girls' old preschool as assistant teacher to the 4 year teacher.  After praying and pulling my hair out trying to decide if I should leave my job of almost 3 years at the girls' pediatrician's office, or try something different, step out of my comfort zone, I decided on the preschool job for several reasons.  First and most important to me, this job will give me time off on Christmas break, spring break, summer break, etc. which is quality time spent with the girls.  I will also get my weekends back which I have sorely missed.  Second, I love the teachers at this school and think this will be an amazing year getting to work with them and learn from them.  It's 4 days per week for about 4-5 hours per day.  While I am so very excited, I also am a bit sad to be leaving such a great pediatric practice and the friendships I have made during my time there.  While I am not one who likes change all that much, this area of my life is something I did need to change and I am embracing it with wide open arms.

~What's new with the mister?  Since I have not done an official update on Doug in quite a while, here it goes.  He has been walking on two feet since the beginning of June.  As you can imagine, it has been a long road to recovery for him.  He does tend to still have swelling in his ankle due to his break but this is to be expected for another 6-9 months.  He has gotten back to the gym which he sorely missed.  He's able to workout pretty much normally with the exception of running.  Not sure if he'll ever really be able to do that again.  This week he is on a fruit/veggie juice diet thanks to the documentary he's been watching.  I know for a fact that I wouldn't last a single day on this diet but I'm proud to say he's stuck to it and seems to be faring pretty well.  He's got so much discipline in this area of his life that I really shouldn't sound so surprised. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life with a second grader and a kindergartener...

~The girls reported back to school on Wednesday.  Off to second grade & kindergarten they went!  It was with a heavy heart that I packed lunches, sharpened pencils and tied shoes yesterday morning.  I've been preparing myself all summer for the big day, when not one but two of my girls would leave for elementary school.  While I am happy to say that both girls were all smiles and giddy with excitement to go, I felt myself crumbling inside.  Part of this stems from my need to be taking care of something/someone.  It's no secret that I wanted another baby but the mister and I could not come to an agreement so we put the kibosh on that matter and I resigned myself to the fact that two is our magical number.  So present day, my birds have flown from the nest, and while I am happy for them, I miss them too. 

~We have lost Hermie Jr. twice.  Yep.  For starters, the little guy likes to burrow down in the sand and hide.  I'd like to think this is just his quirky crabbish personality but something tells me he might be hiding from his owner...aka Hadley.  Cuz we know that she is quite loud and walks around with him squeezed between her hands and occasionally drops him.  So when I did not notice his presence in his cage, I was reassured that he's just hiding in the sand.  Really?  Okay.  A day or so passes and I notice that Hermie Jr. is still not doing much show and tell.  After digging through the sand I notice we are most definitely down to one hermit crab. 

Me:  Where is Hermie Jr.?

Hadley:  I don't know.

Me:  He's not in his cage.

Hadley:  I didn't do anything.

Me:  We have to find him.  He needs water and can't be left out of the cage.

Needless to say, we lucked out the first go around and found him under Hadley's nightstand in her room.  The second go around, Hermie Jr. was officially missing for 48 hours and I despaired of ever finding the little guy.  I just happened to be coming into the kitchen one evening and he was sitting on the rug in front of the sink chilling.  I scooped him up, gave him a bath and sent him off to bed.  After lecturing Hadley about how it's impolite to play with Hermie Jr. and then to abandon him, we have not had another incident to date.

~As I was emptying out Delaney's hamper this morning, I spied something out of the corner of my eye that was brown and had wings.  Oh fuck!  In case y'all didn't know, I do NOT like bugs but especially roaches.  For some reason, they strike terror in my heart like no other bug can.  I instantly break out into a cold sweat.  I look around me for a weapon and spy Doug's brown loafers.  I grab one and yank out the gingham liner from the hamper.  I toss it on the floor where I start beating the shit out of it, everywhere and anywhere I can strike it, I do.  I shriek a little too just to make myself feel better.  I stop because a few minutes have passed and I need to make myself open the liner and find the remains.  It takes myself a few minutes to finally muster the courage to peek inside the liner.  Lying in the middle is a twitching roach that I've managed to whack but he's not completely dead.  So I throw the liner back down and smack it a few more times.   I grab a mile of toilet paper (you gotta make sure you have enough so you can't feel it's crunchy body), and pick it up and toss him into the toilet and give him the flush.  I can't just throw the body away in the trash because there's always a chance it will come back to life and creep back into your house.

~After school this afternoon, I am emptying out backpacks and lunch bags.  As I grab Hadley's lunch bag I notice it's pretty heavy.  As I open it up, I see a complete lunch that has not been touched.  What the hell?

Me:  Hadley, why didn't you eat your lunch?

Hadley:  I forgot it in my backpack, so my teacher gave me another one.

Me:  Another lunch?

Hadley:  Yes.

Me:  What did you eat?

Hadley:  Chicken nuggets and some bread.  I didn't like the rest of it.

Me:  (Sigh)

I'm sure the school will be sending me a bill for that.