Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Whatcha reading this summer?

So, most of you know by now that I LOVE to read.  I have books stacked from shelves to ceiling in my scrapbooking room.  One night I tried to gently reclaim a book in one of these piles when an entire avalanche of books descended upon me and made quite the racket which prompted a "Are you alright up there?" from Doug. In that moment I realized I have a shitload of books.  One day I'm probably going to be on Hoarders as the weird book lady who gets secret thrills off of collecting books.  I collect my favorites to pull out in the future to read all over again.  I figure if you can watch your favorite movie over and over, time and again, why not reread your favorite books?  So I've had quite a few friends email me over the last month or so asking me if I know of any good books to read or just to see what I'm reading these days.  So, without further ado...these are some of the books I've read in the last few months:

1) 50 Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James (I know everyone under the sun has heard of these or probably read one or more of them by now but they are ALWAYS worth mentioning in my opinion.)

2) September by Rosamunde Pilcher (Her books are excellent!  Her writing is so detailed that you feel like you can see exactly what she is describing.  Her books make me want to move to Scotland or England and take up tea drinking and pastry eating.)

3) Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin (I have all of her books and they are all good!  I think I like them so well because I see myself in each one of her main characters.  Her writing grabs you from the start).

4) The Island by Elin Hilderbrand (I have read several of her books lately and they are all so good.  I find myself crying by the end of each one or throughout the whole thing depending upon which one I'm reading.  They are thought provoking and I highly recommend).

5) What do you do all day? by Amy Scheibe (Doug bought me this book 5 years ago and I fell in love with it.  Written from the point of view of a stay-at-home mother of two, I found I could relate to this book very easily and of course found glimpses of myself in the main character.  It's hysterical and very down to earth.)

6) Julia by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (Oh Lord....one of my good friends lent me her copy of this book a few summers ago and I fell in love with it.  By the end I had a complete melt down as I was so invested in the characters I couldn't believe it was over.)

7) Body Surfing by Anita Shreve (I love Anita Shreve and this book is one of my favorites she wrote.  I forgot that I had it as it was wedged behind several bigger books but it felt like a great treat when I pulled it out and discovered it again.)

8) Kathleen Turner Series by Tiffany Snow (Okay...I've been blabbing about these books on Facebook a lot lately but they are so darn good and super addictive.  A good friend of mine at work lent me her Kindle so I could read them and now I am going to have to get my own copies so I can read them again!)

9) The Grey Wolf Series by Quinn Loftis (Most of these books are only available through Kindle as of right now.  They reminded me a lot of Twilight.  When I started the first book I almost put it down as I convinced myself I am too old to be reading it.  Then I picked it back up and kept reading which I am certainly glad I did.  There are 4 books thus far in the series and I really enjoyed them.  The last two were my absolute favorite!)

So what about you?  What are you reading this summer that you're dying to share?  Please let me know as I am ALWAYS looking for a good read.

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