Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4

So...this year, instead of the 4th of July parade, which I am sure almost every town in America has, we opted for something a bit different.  After last year's dismal failure where kids may or may not have been whining, blubbering messes of hot sticky sweat and ice cream, we decided that although it is a tradition of sorts, we couldn't imagine trying to pull it off this year with temperatures in the low 100s.  No thank you.  So this year we slept late (not the littles so much), had a leisurely breakfast, took the girls to see Brave and came home to cook out hot dogs and baked beans.  Later we met our favorite neighbors for some front yard fun of sparklers and fireworks.  Our fireworks are the kind that you purchase in Georgia that do not soar into the sky and burst into beautifulness.  Nope.  Our beautifulness doesn't exceed about 3-4 feet off of the ground.  They're illegal here in this great state that is our home.  I did proclaim that next year I will be taking a little trip up to Tennessee to purchase the prettier, air soaring kind.  Cuz the littles are getting bigger; especially Delaney who I could tell was not as amused as years gone by.  Luckily, we have other neighbors directly behind us who God bless them, purchased the beautiful air soaring kind.  So we had a little show in the front and a big beautiful show in the back yard.  Best of both worlds!

The lake pictures below were taken on the 3rd.  Doug found a new place for us at one of our nearby lakes and we were all thrilled; especially the girls who found small bits of mud and proceeded to make giant mud balls.  It's the little things in life, ya know?  And while I find myself grumpy here lately with this country and the re-election coming up in November, I still love that this is our home and we are able to raise our girls with the freedom to do so many things that would be an impossibility in other places.  God bless the U.S.A.

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Sarah said...

Where did you go to the lake? I really want to take my kids.