Monday, July 2, 2012

If one more person talks about the heat here... most of you have either heard or been living in it, the temperatures here in the south have been fricking HOT!  We folks here in the south, we can weather hot and humid because that's what the weather here is most of the time.  But this past week...we had highs in the low 100s.  Sheesh!  Basically you can either a) go to the pool, lake, splash park, or any place where there is abundant water to drench thyself in or b) stay inside where it's nice and cool (unless your air goes out in which you are pretty much screwed).  Some of us were indoors a good portion of the week and then some of us were at horse camp living her dream.  I felt so bad for Delaney as all the kids had to wear pants.  They did get to have water activities which helped a lot and they also had access to an air-conditioned room where they were able to eat their lunch and have craft time.  She never complained but by the end of the week was losing steam and became quite irritable in the late afternoons.  On Friday, the families were invited to enjoy lunch with the campers and got to see them put on a show with the skills they learned.  About a minute into the show portion (which took place about 1:00 p.m.) Doug looked at me, as sweat was trickling down his face and dampening his shirt, "Is it bad that I'm already ready for this to be over?"  I couldn't wait to see my big girl ride her horse but I must say, I was trying hard not to lose patience as I could feel myself becoming covered in sweat.  Delaney did so good on her horse, Hunter, and it made all the sweating totally worth it.  When Doug asked her if she'd rather a) go back to the beach for a week or b) spend another week at horse camp, she didn't even hesitate with her answer.  "Horse camp!" 

Hadley and I managed to sneak in a picnic lunch and feed the ducks at a nearby park one afternoon.  Obviously, no one ever feeds these poor ducks because the second they realized we had food, and were willing to share it, they flew over and surrounded us.  A few got a little aggressive and were literally trying to take it out of our hands.  After a few karate chops and stern warnings, they behaved a bit better.  Hadley thought they were GREAT.  She giggled and tossed Cheerios around like confetti. 

Well...the inevitable finally happened with Hermie.  We. Lost. Him.  After his bath one evening, while Delaney and I were reading Ramona Forever, we put him on the floor so he could stretch his legs.  We saw the direction he was headed, not alarmed because he is after all only a crab, and became completely engrossed reading about the Quimbys.  Once we finished our chapter, Delaney scurried over to retrieve Hermie, only to find him gone.  Uh oh.  We searched under every piece of furniture in her room.  We searched the hallway.  Finally, after seeing her eyes well up with giant tears, I shouted down to Doug and told him we had a situation.  Of course, he rolled his eyes and asked, "How in the world do you lose a hermit crab?"  After tearing apart Delaney's room and practically rearranging the furniture, we found Hermie lodged tightly behind her bookshelf (the one piece of furniture we did not look behind because frankly, I figured there was no way he could even fit back there).  Delaney was estatic.  I was relieved.  Doug seemed annoyed.  But we were all happy to find the poor guy unharmed and seemingly mellow.

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