Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fearless off to camp

This week it was Little Bitty's turn to leave her mark at horse camp.  Let me just say, I was very nervous about it.  Hadley, who has been 5 for a whopping almost 3 months, is our petite, feisty, stubborn child.  She has never ridden on a horse, aside from an occasional pony ride at a fair or what not.  The entire week that Delaney participated in her horse camp, Hadley would accompany us through the barn and point out particular horses and giggle at the hens lying around.  She would boldly snatch up tidbits of hay and stride over to a nearby horse to give him/her a snack.  I would cringe and try not to hyperventilate as she seemed to have no fear whatsoever.  Which was confirmed to me this week by her instructor whose exact words to me were, "That girl is fearless."  Yeah, tell me something we don't know!  All in all, my little girl did a super good job and I was in awe and very proud of her.  She knew her place on top of that horse and confidently maneuvered it around the ring and through the obstacle course.  Even Delaney admitted to me as we watched, "She's doing really good momma!"  For those of you that would like to see a video clip, I uploaded some to our YouTube account.  For the life of me, Blogspot takes too long for my liking and clearly I don't have the patience to fool with it.  You can find us under kma2girls. 

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Sarah said...

She is so cute! And i agree with videos on blogspot. I don't have the patience either!