Saturday, July 28, 2012

In sickness and in health...

So, for most who know me well, you know I have type 1 diabetes.  I was diagnosed later in age 31.  I did not even know that a person can have late on-set of type 1 diabetes; I thought type 1 was something children got.  It is something completely life-changing, but I've not been bitter about it.  Most people argue that it's something that would shatter them and make it hard to wake up with everyday.  For me, it had the opposite affect.  I was grateful that it was diabetes, something I could control, and not something like cancer, which is obviously out of my control.  I'll admit, it was very challenging in the beginning.  I had to learn how to take insulin, what types of foods I could continue eating, what types of foot I could not continue eating, what types of food to be cautious of, how to prick my finger sometimes 4-5 times daily.  Let's just say it was a huge learning experience and continues to be one currently.  While I think I do well to manage it for the most part, I still have bad moments with it.  I have moments where maybe I gave myself just a bit too much insulin.  I have moments where maybe I did not give myself enough insulin.  It can be a frustrating thing to deal with sometimes.  I find myself annoyed because no matter what, any time I go to put ANYTHING in my mouth to eat or drink, I have to stop and consider my blood sugar.  I always have to give myself insulin.  It's times like that where you do feel bitterness.  The average person cannot possibly know what a pain in the ass it can be.  Hell, until a few years ago, I had no idea what a diabetic person undergoes each and every day.  But like anything else, I take it in stride and do my best to manage my health.

Wednesday night was a scary night here.  As Doug and I were watching TV together, I started feeling off.  When you have diabetes and your blood sugar starts to decline, your body starts to give off clues so you can act quickly and head off a trip to the hospital.  For me, I always start to feel extremely light-headed.  I start to have trouble concentrating.  My body breaks out in a cold sweat.  I get extremely agitated and grumpy.  I asked Doug to go and get my glucometer so I could check my blood sugar.  The results were scary.  My blood sugar was 21.  For those of you who have no idea what the normal range is, it is 70-150.  You can imagine what seeing the number 21 must have felt like.  Doug immediately ran into the kitchen to get me something to eat and/or drink to quickly bring this number up.  Afterwards I remember climbing upstairs to our bedroom and literally laying down and falling fast asleep.

At 2:30 a.m., I felt a warm hand pressed to my forehead which caused me to stir from my sleep.  I opened my eyes to see Doug watching me.  "Is everything okay?"  "Yes, I just wanted to make sure your temperature was back to normal."  According to Doug, after I fell asleep I was extremely sweaty and clammy to the touch.  His words to describe the way I felt to him were "dead."  Scary.  As I start to look around our room I notice I'm exactly the same spot I was when I fell asleep and Doug has covered me with a quilt.  The love I felt for my husband in that moment is just indescribable.  I was so very thankful he was there.  I was so thankful that he knew what to do.  I was most thankful for the fact that I was okay. 

As I rolled to the middle of our bed to snuggle up next to Doug, I felt grateful for my husband in a way I never have before.  It made me reflect back on our vows and how the "in sickness and in health" line has really hit home for our us in the last two years.  It feels good to know we have each other's backs and I can depend on him to take care of me.  Always. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Whatcha reading this summer?

So, most of you know by now that I LOVE to read.  I have books stacked from shelves to ceiling in my scrapbooking room.  One night I tried to gently reclaim a book in one of these piles when an entire avalanche of books descended upon me and made quite the racket which prompted a "Are you alright up there?" from Doug. In that moment I realized I have a shitload of books.  One day I'm probably going to be on Hoarders as the weird book lady who gets secret thrills off of collecting books.  I collect my favorites to pull out in the future to read all over again.  I figure if you can watch your favorite movie over and over, time and again, why not reread your favorite books?  So I've had quite a few friends email me over the last month or so asking me if I know of any good books to read or just to see what I'm reading these days.  So, without further ado...these are some of the books I've read in the last few months:

1) 50 Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James (I know everyone under the sun has heard of these or probably read one or more of them by now but they are ALWAYS worth mentioning in my opinion.)

2) September by Rosamunde Pilcher (Her books are excellent!  Her writing is so detailed that you feel like you can see exactly what she is describing.  Her books make me want to move to Scotland or England and take up tea drinking and pastry eating.)

3) Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin (I have all of her books and they are all good!  I think I like them so well because I see myself in each one of her main characters.  Her writing grabs you from the start).

4) The Island by Elin Hilderbrand (I have read several of her books lately and they are all so good.  I find myself crying by the end of each one or throughout the whole thing depending upon which one I'm reading.  They are thought provoking and I highly recommend).

5) What do you do all day? by Amy Scheibe (Doug bought me this book 5 years ago and I fell in love with it.  Written from the point of view of a stay-at-home mother of two, I found I could relate to this book very easily and of course found glimpses of myself in the main character.  It's hysterical and very down to earth.)

6) Julia by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (Oh of my good friends lent me her copy of this book a few summers ago and I fell in love with it.  By the end I had a complete melt down as I was so invested in the characters I couldn't believe it was over.)

7) Body Surfing by Anita Shreve (I love Anita Shreve and this book is one of my favorites she wrote.  I forgot that I had it as it was wedged behind several bigger books but it felt like a great treat when I pulled it out and discovered it again.)

8) Kathleen Turner Series by Tiffany Snow (Okay...I've been blabbing about these books on Facebook a lot lately but they are so darn good and super addictive.  A good friend of mine at work lent me her Kindle so I could read them and now I am going to have to get my own copies so I can read them again!)

9) The Grey Wolf Series by Quinn Loftis (Most of these books are only available through Kindle as of right now.  They reminded me a lot of Twilight.  When I started the first book I almost put it down as I convinced myself I am too old to be reading it.  Then I picked it back up and kept reading which I am certainly glad I did.  There are 4 books thus far in the series and I really enjoyed them.  The last two were my absolute favorite!)

So what about you?  What are you reading this summer that you're dying to share?  Please let me know as I am ALWAYS looking for a good read.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Splash park, more hermit crabs & random thoughts...

~Have been getting WAY more rain this week than I care for.  The one day this week when it did not cloud over, we met our good friends, the Gilliams, over at the Splash Park in Roswell.  Good times were had by all and the kids were not ready to leave when we finally dragged them away.  Cost is only $1 per kid for endless fun.  When the kiddies got bored, we sent them outside to the nearby parks (two of them) and when they proceeded to get hot, we reentered the splash park to start all over again.  Ice cream ended our perfect day as we are frantically trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible in the next week and a half before we report back to school.

~We've gone and done it again.  Yep...we have adopted another hermit crab.  Gasp!  It's kinda funny how we've all really come to adore little Hermie.  Some of us more than others.  Hadley had made a comment here and there about getting her own hermit crab.  Facing another rainy day today, we packed it up and headed out for lunch and shopping where we acquired Hadley's new hermit crab, Hermie Jr.  Clearly, we are not creative in thinking up pet names.  First he started out as Hermit, then Kermie and lastly, Hermie Jr.  Hermie Jr. is much smaller than Hermie.  More energetic too.  Bought the two crabs a bigger pad so they can stretch out and go crazy digging holes.  I don't know what it is about these guys but I think they are too fricking cute and I adore them both.  Who woulda thought?  Delaney tried to talk me into a hamster, rat and gerbil while pet shopping and I politely told her no.  No way do I need another thing to care for.  And she can seriously kiss the idea of ever owning a rat good-bye.  Ain't gonna happen sister.

~I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but I seem to have a bit of road rage.  I. Hate. Stupid. Drivers.  Atlanta is full of idiot drivers.  Half of what gets my blood boiling is that people do not stop anymore.  They yield and keep on driving no matter how close another oncoming car is.  Which is usually me and I have to slam on my brakes to keep from smashing into stupid said car.  The other day something similar happened and before I could utter a word about it, Delaney commented from the backseat.  "People really need to learn how to drive!  Right Momma?" Well said Delaney.

~Random thought for the day: if you go on vacation and consistently have to update your Facebook status or upload a new and exciting picture of your kids, yourself or whomever you're vacationing with more than once a day, you're missing the entire point of said vacation.  Which leads me to believe that your vacation must be more boring then you're letting on with your status.  People...go on fricking vacation and enjoy spending time with your family.  Facebook should be the last thing on your mind.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fearless off to camp

This week it was Little Bitty's turn to leave her mark at horse camp.  Let me just say, I was very nervous about it.  Hadley, who has been 5 for a whopping almost 3 months, is our petite, feisty, stubborn child.  She has never ridden on a horse, aside from an occasional pony ride at a fair or what not.  The entire week that Delaney participated in her horse camp, Hadley would accompany us through the barn and point out particular horses and giggle at the hens lying around.  She would boldly snatch up tidbits of hay and stride over to a nearby horse to give him/her a snack.  I would cringe and try not to hyperventilate as she seemed to have no fear whatsoever.  Which was confirmed to me this week by her instructor whose exact words to me were, "That girl is fearless."  Yeah, tell me something we don't know!  All in all, my little girl did a super good job and I was in awe and very proud of her.  She knew her place on top of that horse and confidently maneuvered it around the ring and through the obstacle course.  Even Delaney admitted to me as we watched, "She's doing really good momma!"  For those of you that would like to see a video clip, I uploaded some to our YouTube account.  For the life of me, Blogspot takes too long for my liking and clearly I don't have the patience to fool with it.  You can find us under kma2girls. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4

So...this year, instead of the 4th of July parade, which I am sure almost every town in America has, we opted for something a bit different.  After last year's dismal failure where kids may or may not have been whining, blubbering messes of hot sticky sweat and ice cream, we decided that although it is a tradition of sorts, we couldn't imagine trying to pull it off this year with temperatures in the low 100s.  No thank you.  So this year we slept late (not the littles so much), had a leisurely breakfast, took the girls to see Brave and came home to cook out hot dogs and baked beans.  Later we met our favorite neighbors for some front yard fun of sparklers and fireworks.  Our fireworks are the kind that you purchase in Georgia that do not soar into the sky and burst into beautifulness.  Nope.  Our beautifulness doesn't exceed about 3-4 feet off of the ground.  They're illegal here in this great state that is our home.  I did proclaim that next year I will be taking a little trip up to Tennessee to purchase the prettier, air soaring kind.  Cuz the littles are getting bigger; especially Delaney who I could tell was not as amused as years gone by.  Luckily, we have other neighbors directly behind us who God bless them, purchased the beautiful air soaring kind.  So we had a little show in the front and a big beautiful show in the back yard.  Best of both worlds!

The lake pictures below were taken on the 3rd.  Doug found a new place for us at one of our nearby lakes and we were all thrilled; especially the girls who found small bits of mud and proceeded to make giant mud balls.  It's the little things in life, ya know?  And while I find myself grumpy here lately with this country and the re-election coming up in November, I still love that this is our home and we are able to raise our girls with the freedom to do so many things that would be an impossibility in other places.  God bless the U.S.A.

Monday, July 2, 2012

If one more person talks about the heat here... most of you have either heard or been living in it, the temperatures here in the south have been fricking HOT!  We folks here in the south, we can weather hot and humid because that's what the weather here is most of the time.  But this past week...we had highs in the low 100s.  Sheesh!  Basically you can either a) go to the pool, lake, splash park, or any place where there is abundant water to drench thyself in or b) stay inside where it's nice and cool (unless your air goes out in which you are pretty much screwed).  Some of us were indoors a good portion of the week and then some of us were at horse camp living her dream.  I felt so bad for Delaney as all the kids had to wear pants.  They did get to have water activities which helped a lot and they also had access to an air-conditioned room where they were able to eat their lunch and have craft time.  She never complained but by the end of the week was losing steam and became quite irritable in the late afternoons.  On Friday, the families were invited to enjoy lunch with the campers and got to see them put on a show with the skills they learned.  About a minute into the show portion (which took place about 1:00 p.m.) Doug looked at me, as sweat was trickling down his face and dampening his shirt, "Is it bad that I'm already ready for this to be over?"  I couldn't wait to see my big girl ride her horse but I must say, I was trying hard not to lose patience as I could feel myself becoming covered in sweat.  Delaney did so good on her horse, Hunter, and it made all the sweating totally worth it.  When Doug asked her if she'd rather a) go back to the beach for a week or b) spend another week at horse camp, she didn't even hesitate with her answer.  "Horse camp!" 

Hadley and I managed to sneak in a picnic lunch and feed the ducks at a nearby park one afternoon.  Obviously, no one ever feeds these poor ducks because the second they realized we had food, and were willing to share it, they flew over and surrounded us.  A few got a little aggressive and were literally trying to take it out of our hands.  After a few karate chops and stern warnings, they behaved a bit better.  Hadley thought they were GREAT.  She giggled and tossed Cheerios around like confetti. 

Well...the inevitable finally happened with Hermie.  We. Lost. Him.  After his bath one evening, while Delaney and I were reading Ramona Forever, we put him on the floor so he could stretch his legs.  We saw the direction he was headed, not alarmed because he is after all only a crab, and became completely engrossed reading about the Quimbys.  Once we finished our chapter, Delaney scurried over to retrieve Hermie, only to find him gone.  Uh oh.  We searched under every piece of furniture in her room.  We searched the hallway.  Finally, after seeing her eyes well up with giant tears, I shouted down to Doug and told him we had a situation.  Of course, he rolled his eyes and asked, "How in the world do you lose a hermit crab?"  After tearing apart Delaney's room and practically rearranging the furniture, we found Hermie lodged tightly behind her bookshelf (the one piece of furniture we did not look behind because frankly, I figured there was no way he could even fit back there).  Delaney was estatic.  I was relieved.  Doug seemed annoyed.  But we were all happy to find the poor guy unharmed and seemingly mellow.