Thursday, June 14, 2012

Randomness from Hilton Head Island...

We have completely blown through 4 bottles of sunscreen spray & only been on the beach a total of 4 days...which leaves you wondering how long have we been basking in the sun at the beach on said 4 days?  A LOT.  Cuz if there is anything the Alexanders's the beach. 

Doug took a picture of me with the girls today while I was sporting one of my favorite bathing suits.  It's a Ralph Lauren tankini set with a lime green top & hot pink bottoms that I've owned since Hadley was born (yes, I need a new suit).  While I was looking through all the pics taken thus far on our trip I came to said picture & noticed a fair amount of cleavage showing (thanks to Ralph & his padding).  "Do I look indecent in the suit I wore to the beach today?"  Doug gave me a look.  "You and your bathing suits!"  To be fair, I do have very high standards as to who should wear what type of bathing suit.  And the winner for which I bitch the most about is the bikini a.k.a. two-piece.  Ladies....some things are just plain better covered up.  I wish I could still feel confident enough to wear a bikini but alas, that ship has sailed and I know that unless I have a tummy tuck and remove the excess skin that is still hanging out post-two-kids, I will not be wearing another bikini in this life time.

The girls have been sharing a room together for the first time ever.  The room has two little twin sized beds & a private bathroom.  The girls were so excited & had no problem rubbing it in our faces that our bathroom was outside of our room.  Whatever girls....we have a TV in our room & you don't!  Ha!  But seriously, those two could never share a room.  I can tell as this trip has worn on that some people are not as rested as they should be.  According to Doug, who was up today at 6:30 a.m., both girls were up in their room and wide-ass-awake.  Clearly, the excitement is too much.

Parents who show up to the beach, with their small children in tow, without sand toys, should be reported to DFACS.  No shit, this dorky family showed up yesterday morning while we were building a sand fort with the girls.  The teenage boy in this family was LOUDLY complaining about seaweed washing up with the waves and how the whole family should steer clear of the water.  There were probably about 5-6 adults in this family, 2 teenagers, 3 kids around Delaney's age, and one little girl who was probably between 3-4.  NO FREAKING SAND TOYS.  Which was brought to my attention after they had been there for about 30 minutes and Doug scampered off with the girls to the water.  Our sand toys were lying near our chairs, all vulnerable and unplayed with.  One of the moms of this dorky family came over and asked if they could borrow a pail & shovel.  Let me just say, it takes a big set of balls to come to the beach and ask if you can borrow my kids' brand new shovels & pails.  One of which was a birthday present for Hadley from one of her besties (thanks Lily).  Of course, I said yes as her sweet little girl was standing next to her and I didn't have the heart to say no.  It's not her fault her parents are idiots and obviously thoughtless.  But seriously people, if you can afford to go on vacation, swing by the Dollar Tree & pick up sand toys.  Cheap and cheerful investment.

Delaney has been fearless in the water this trip around which is really not that much different from the last trip we took to the beach.  She defies us every chance she gets and goes farther and farther away from the shore than I or her father care for.  She has taken to boogie-boarding and can be found along with all the other big kids/teenagers.  While I am so proud of her, as she is proving to be a much stronger swimmer than I ever was at her age, I am made all the more aware of how fast she is growing and how time is flying by more quickly than I care for.  Her hair is bleached blond from the sun & her tan makes her look like she is glowing.  And while she is spreading her wings a bit more than I care for some days, she makes me happier than I can say.

Hadley, who was super leery of the ocean at first, has really turned a corner.  She has developed her own love of the beach.  While she may not swim quite as much as big sister, she loves everything about the beach.  The shells most of all.  I have had such an enjoyable time, holding her small hand in mine, and scouring the beach for any and all shells we can find.  Whole ones are real treasures but we've managed to find a few that are super beautiful because of their strange color or super soft as the beach has sanded them down.  She too has tried her hand in boogie-boarding and while she is not quite as successful as some of the bigger kids, she is good for a beginner and does not give up which is inspiring.  I told Doug as we watched the girls play together in the water the other day, that the baby in every family truly does have this little gleam in his or her eye that distinguishes them as the baby.  I don't know how it is I can look at a child and tell, but it's there and it's absolute.  I see it in every little thing that Hadley does and it truly warms my heart.  Watching her on the beach, all bronzed from the sun as she is the one person in our family who never sunburns, her squealing in the water and splashing her sister, she is innocence and childishness at its very best.

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