Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More randonmess...from home of course!

I finally made it to the neighborhood pool last week.  Hallelujah!  Spent much of my time negotiating with Hadley, who let's just say is not the strongest swimmer, to please put on her arm swimmies while she is swimming in the middle of the pool.  This conversation caused quite a sob fest.  She can touch the bottom of the pool but the water comes right up to her neck and doesn't take much to splash her in the face and cause major panic.  After much crying, we finally agreed that she can go into the middle of the pool with her boogie board so if she becomes tired she can hop on and rest a bit.  It's not like Hadley's not being completely hawk-like supervised by me; y'all know how crazy I am about drowning and all!  She is just seeking a bit more freedom (because she's FIVE) and I'm trying to accommodate.

Hermie was clinging to life support last week but alas, I saved his little crab soul.  I noticed that the poor crab wasn't moving much.  "Oh great, another dead pet," is what I thought as our track record isn't proving too good at this point.  So after doing a little google research, I got down to business.  I dumped out all of those stupid colored pebbles and scrubbed out his cage.  Put in about 2 inches of sand instead, which I must say the little guy freaking LOVES.  Lectured Delaney on how frequently he needs to be bathed and how much play time/exercise time he needs every day.  Also put the fear of God into her with the sponge business because as I said before, the darn sponge has to stay wet.  All the time.  We scratched using the food they gave us back at the store and have been feeding him popcorn which evidently he can't get enough of.  After a few days he's completely bounced back into the land of the living and if he could, I know he would smile at me.

The girls had VBS all of last week which was nice for me.  I actually was able to get a little house cleaning done.  Cuz in the summer time, this house is a serious pit.  Both girls love VBS and thoroughly enjoyed getting to see friends from preschool days.  Delaney is now on "God patrol" and is making sure no one in this house takes His name in vain.  I uttered "Oh God!" the other day and was immediately rewarded with Delaney in my face, wagging her finger at me and informing me how unhappy that makes God.  Point taken.  I'm going to have to get more creative with my words.

Delaney is at Equestrian Camp this week which she is super thrilled about.  I told Doug that we are going to have to sit down and come up with a new budget to hopefully include horseback riding lessons.  This girl has LOVED horses since she was 20 months old.  This is her second summer participating in Equestrian camp and the girl can't stop talking about how much FUN she is having.  She was up, dressed, and had her bed made all by 7 a.m.  "What time do we leave?"  "Calm down and eat breakfast dear...horse camp doesn't start for 2 hours."  I do admire her dedication and enthusiasm. 

Is it just me or is anyone else completely excited about the summer Olympics?  Doug and I watched the preliminaries last night for track & field, pole vaulting, swimming, and the high jump.  My favorite thing of course is the gymnastics competitions.  I have loved watching it since I was a kid with aspirations of my own to be a famous gymnast.  Remember that movie American Anthem?  Ha!  That was me all the way...

Daniel, Delaney & MacKenzie (preschool peeps)


One of my good friends, Eveline, invited us over to play on Friday & Hadley couldn't resist snuggling up to both of her girls (twins) Ava & Bella.  This kid would make one heck of a big sister (hint, hint, Doug!).

Delaney & Alaska (this Guinea pig can swim like a mofo). 

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Heidi Hill said...

Hey Katie! What a great blog! Just wanted to say "Hi" and that Nathalie enjoyed VBS too. :-) It was cool that theme was the Olympics, because we also are looking forward to the games later this summer.

Sooo, you wouldn't recommend a crab for a pet? ;-) We have a medium sized dog, but Nathalie wants a "something else" and we haven't figured out what that ought to be yet.

Glad to hear that you all are having a good summer!

~Heidi Hill