Sunday, June 17, 2012

Au revior Hilton Head....  There's something to be said for dressing down into basically your underwear, or about as close as you'll get to underwear, and baking in the sunshine all the live long day.  It's so relaxing.  It's so peaceful.  Well, if you have kids it's about as peaceful as it's gonna get.  I cannot count the times Doug or myself had to go raising to the water's edge to YELL at Delaney or Hadley or both to get their tails closer to shore.  Hadley we usually didn't have this problem with but Delaney kept pushing her luck.  Kinda like when I tell her not to leave the backyard because there could be a stranger lurking nearby and she tells me that it's cool because she's taken TaeKwonDo and she'll kick the shit out of them and I sigh and tell her that her TaeKwonDo is not gonna save her from a 30 year old man who outweighs her by 100-150 pounds at the very least. 

While we were away we snuck off one afternoon to see Madagascar 3.  By far the best one yet!  I mean, those peguins, who are my favorite of all 3 movies, are just too darn cute.  Their shenanigans are freaking hilarious and their driving skills are top notch.  Hadley, who has a hard time sitting still for the previews and the feature, hardly moved a muscle.  The kid was glued, hooked and laughing out loud the whole time.  But I have to say, if either of my girls sings the Afro Circus song one more ain't gonna be pretty.

Doug & I enjoyed several movie nights after the girls retired for the night.  Doug recently purchased a Roku which streams movies, tv shows, etc. via the internet through his Amazon account (I sincerely hope I didn't just butcher that).  While I am no movie critic, I thought I would share nonetheless.

1) Safe House...I give this movie a B.  I didn't know if Ryan Reynolds would be able to pull off such a serious role but he did & I was able to think of him as his character and not funny guy from Waiting.  It also had Denzel, who was looking fabulous, and I thought together they had good screen chemistry.  All in all, it was good, kept me intrigued and babbling to Doug nonstop who I'm pretty sure wanted to gag me.

2) The Grey...I give this movie an A.  Very good story.  Good characters.  There were parts that were so uncomfortable I had to cover my eyes.  This movie proved once again that Liam Neeson is a bad ass & I wouldn't want to pick a fight with him.  Plus he's kinda hot (Doug says that I think everyone is hot and that's just not true.  Liam has foreign hotness so it's different).

3)  Gone...I give this movie a C.  It had such promise as the story starts out good and the acting is good.  Amanda Seyfried was really good in her role & she kept me going to the end.  The problem though is that the ending SUCKS.  I really hate a movie that is good all the way through and the ending just blows it.  Jeez!

4) Machine Gun Preacher....I give this movie a B.  Of course the main reason I wanted to see this is because it has Gerard Butler in it & in case you don't know....he is my #1 man on my top 5 list (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch old episodes of Friends).  The overall story line was really good & inspiring.  It's a bit long, as it ran a little over 2 hours.  The story is good, so long as you make it past the beginning when they paint a not very nice picture of Gerard's character.

The ride home yesterday left much to be desired.  We were cruising along just fine, making pretty good time, when we hit traffic about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta.  Which of course we're used to since we live here and all but when you're trying to get home from being gone for a week and you have two crazy kids in the back seat, one of which kept asking every 5 minutes if we were almost home yet, things started unraveling quick.  To top it off I was doing the driving so the mister could take a quick siesta.  Hadley asked for my iPod, a piece of gum, our estimated eta about 23 times,  could I upload this song to the iPod (whatever was currently playing on the radio), chatted about how she was looking forward to going home to see Buddy, etc., etc., etc.  Doug, whom I thought was out for the count, finally sat up and said, "Hadley, please be quiet."  Jeez.  I also met my nemesis while driving.  Some douche from Alaska driving a Honda Fit, which Doug muttered was probably running on batteries, cut me off multiple times but one time almost made me smack into his backside.  I didn't, cuz I've got quick Ninja skills when it comes to driving, but I bared down on my horn and I fantasized in my mind that the girls weren't with us so I could show this jerk my very favorite number.  It became a game between us (Alaska & I).  One minute he's going like 95 and then the next minute he's going 65. I was not sad to see him disappear in my rear view mirror.  To top it all off, Delaney decided to demonstrate some "farting" noises that some of the boys in her class used to make.  Well you know what happened next.  Pretty soon there were 3 people simultaneously trying to outdo each other with their skills.  And I can't help it...I laughed so hard at one point I had tears pricking my eyes.  Delaney was actually singing Jingle Bells and inserting farts into places where there should be words.  I'm not sure why I get tickled by stuff like this because it's pretty low down and gross but for the life of me, I could not help myself.  And obviously, neither could Doug.

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