Monday, May 28, 2012

This, that & the other...

Summer has finally arrived and I know I couldn't be happier!  It's nice to have less we have to rush off to do.  It's nice to have less structure. It's nice to put on less make-up & to exist in cut off shorts & flip flops.  As I type this I have sent off the littles with their father to the pool.  I am cooking ribs in the crock pot & will momentarily have to get them out to do a final dip in the barbecue sauce.  My entire downstairs smells absolutely heavenly with the liquid smoke I added to the ribs.  Ahhhhh. 

We seem to have "acquired" a new end of school year tradition in our house.  Last year over Memorial Day weekend, Delaney was sick with strep throat.  This year, she handed the torch to Hadley, who was sick with a 24-hour stomach virus.  Jeez.  I should have known what was to come, when 48 hours prior to being sick, Hadley was eating very little.  The part that was throwing me off her trail was that she was acting completely normal otherwise.  No fever.  No laying around lethargically.  Nada.  But on Sunday morning, I got a tap on the shoulder at 5:56, with complaints of a bad dream.  I got up to escort her back to bed.  After I gave her the customary sip of water, I heard her cough once and I just held my breath as I knew what was coming.  Oh yes.  Within seconds, all the liquid that child had consumed within the last 16 hours, was lying puddled on her bed.  Thank God Hadley had the good sense not to listen to her mother and refused to eat dinner so it was a smell-free barf.  And easy to clean as all I had to do was strip her bed and throw it in the washing machine.  I showered her off, stuck her in some clean pajamas and into my bed we ended up where we slept alternately in between short trips to the bathroom.  And I may or may not have hooked my child on to ginger ale.  I mean, who knew she'd love it so much!   Yes....summer is here and we are welcoming it with wide open arms.

 J.R. & Natalie's Pirate/Princess party (J.R. is letting Cinderella paint his nails)

 Princess Hadley

 Hadley & Tyler (who was freshly painted as a pirate)

Kylie, Sadie, Delaney & Mikalah in their 1st grade skit

 Hadley getting her nails and toes painted green with a layer of sparkles (of course!)

Bubble blowing on the last day of school (I love how Delaney blew a bubble right into Kylie's eye!  Jeez...)

 I spotted this little guy...we'll call him Herbie...while I was doing yard work.  I immediately had Delaney help me catch him as I knew Hadley would have a fit.  He came in and had lunch with us too.  In his bug box of course.  Although Delaney later admitted that he was hopping around on the table at one point.  Ewwww.....

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