Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Field Day

Okay...while May has got to be the fricking busiest month EVER...I couldn't resist stopping for a minute to share some of the highlights of field day!  Woot woot!  A few days prior to field day, Delaney was telling me how they signed up for the relays they would be participating in.  "Momma, I signed up for the toilet plunger relay!"  Hmm....what the hell is going on at her school?  "Can't wait to see you do it squirt!"  In all seriousness, the whole 2-1/2 hours was FUN!  The kids were super pumped up and the parents were all just as excited as we high-fived each other & did our fist pumps in the air as our kids proved us proud.  Cuz Delaney...she's pretty graceful carrying the ball around on a toilet plunger.  And while field day for me as a kid was something completely different, I could see why the kids were having a grand 'ole time.  This is their field day.  This is what they perfect and look forward to.  Their enthusiasm was contagious and we went home with happier hearts and a camera full of memories.

 Mikalah & Delaney = besties!

 Mrs. Gramling's 1st grade class

 Balloon Paddle

 It's almost like she's carrying a torch!

 Mrs. Gramling wrapping up her class in toilet paper (which the kids thought was GREAT)!

 Delaney, Kylie & Kaitlyn

 Potato Hockey

Um...this isn't awkward at all!

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Sarah said...

I was just getting ready to post about Spencer's field day. Unfortunately it was today so it was cut short due to the rain but we did do the plunger activity and I totally thought of you because I had seen Delaney's pictures on Facebook!!