Monday, May 28, 2012

This, that & the other...

Summer has finally arrived and I know I couldn't be happier!  It's nice to have less we have to rush off to do.  It's nice to have less structure. It's nice to put on less make-up & to exist in cut off shorts & flip flops.  As I type this I have sent off the littles with their father to the pool.  I am cooking ribs in the crock pot & will momentarily have to get them out to do a final dip in the barbecue sauce.  My entire downstairs smells absolutely heavenly with the liquid smoke I added to the ribs.  Ahhhhh. 

We seem to have "acquired" a new end of school year tradition in our house.  Last year over Memorial Day weekend, Delaney was sick with strep throat.  This year, she handed the torch to Hadley, who was sick with a 24-hour stomach virus.  Jeez.  I should have known what was to come, when 48 hours prior to being sick, Hadley was eating very little.  The part that was throwing me off her trail was that she was acting completely normal otherwise.  No fever.  No laying around lethargically.  Nada.  But on Sunday morning, I got a tap on the shoulder at 5:56, with complaints of a bad dream.  I got up to escort her back to bed.  After I gave her the customary sip of water, I heard her cough once and I just held my breath as I knew what was coming.  Oh yes.  Within seconds, all the liquid that child had consumed within the last 16 hours, was lying puddled on her bed.  Thank God Hadley had the good sense not to listen to her mother and refused to eat dinner so it was a smell-free barf.  And easy to clean as all I had to do was strip her bed and throw it in the washing machine.  I showered her off, stuck her in some clean pajamas and into my bed we ended up where we slept alternately in between short trips to the bathroom.  And I may or may not have hooked my child on to ginger ale.  I mean, who knew she'd love it so much!   Yes....summer is here and we are welcoming it with wide open arms.

 J.R. & Natalie's Pirate/Princess party (J.R. is letting Cinderella paint his nails)

 Princess Hadley

 Hadley & Tyler (who was freshly painted as a pirate)

Kylie, Sadie, Delaney & Mikalah in their 1st grade skit

 Hadley getting her nails and toes painted green with a layer of sparkles (of course!)

Bubble blowing on the last day of school (I love how Delaney blew a bubble right into Kylie's eye!  Jeez...)

 I spotted this little guy...we'll call him Herbie...while I was doing yard work.  I immediately had Delaney help me catch him as I knew Hadley would have a fit.  He came in and had lunch with us too.  In his bug box of course.  Although Delaney later admitted that he was hopping around on the table at one point.  Ewwww.....

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Our family of four has reached yet another milestone.  On Thursday evening, we said our good-byes to preschool.  Gasp.  We have been attending said preschool since Delaney was almost 2, so that makes 6 years.  6 years of forming some of the most awesome relationships ever with teachers, friends, preschool directors.  And not just for my girls but for me as well. 

I remember Delaney's first year so well.  It was hard for us both but I knew in my heart she needed it, even though it was only 2 days per week from 9-1.  It was hard for Delaney as she had been with no one other than Doug and myself.  I walked her into school, showered her with hugs and kisses, got reassurance from the teachers and director that all would be fine.  I asked if I could call and check in to see how she was doing.  "Of course!"  So I left her and will never forget the cries I could hear behind me as she realized what was happening.  Those cries were like a dagger piercing my heart as I wanted to run back to her and scoop her in my arms and reassure her that yes, I love you and I will never leave you.  But as we all know, I did not do that.  I left her in the care of her teachers, and with a heavy heart, I walked to my car and drove to a nearby coffee shop where a few other moms were holed up drinking coffee and nervously glancing at their cell phones, making sure they didn't miss any calls.  We passed the time talking, drinking, eating and bit by bit, we each began to relax.  After an hour or so, I bravely called the preschool to check in on my girl.  "Doing great!  Cried for a minute when you left and now she's playing with some toys."  I breathed a sigh of relief and hung up.  So we developed a pattern that year on school days.  I would walk Delaney into preschool each and every day.  I would give kisses and hugs.  I would leave and hear my girl screaming bloody-fricking-murder in the background.  I would come back 4 hours later to squeals of delight upon seeing me and updates from Ms. Dana on how she did that particular day. 

Delaney's following year was a little different.  I had promised the preschool director, Laura, that I would not walk Delaney in any more and I would adhere to the "rules" and drop her off in car line.  Let me just say quickly, I fell in love with Laura the previous year when I knew she wanted me to drop off Delaney in car line, but never ever forced me to do so.  I just wasn't ready.  She never nagged me or tried to coax me into it.  She accepted the fact that I was a bit neurotic and let it ride.  So this second year around, I gave myself a pep talk and repeated to myself, "you can do this, you can do this."  I drove up in car line, unbuckled Delaney, and handed her over to the teacher awaiting her on the sidewalk.  She looked up at me and started BAWLING.  My momma bear instincts wanted me to scoop her up, buckle her back in her car seat and drive home.  Again, I did not.  Another hurdle completed.  More guilt.  More heartache.  As we mommas know, life is full of these moments.

Fast forward two years, and now it's Hadley's time to shine.  Time for her to make her preschool debut.  And thanks to the wonderful example big sister set and Hadley observed for two years, it went off without a hitch.  Delaney held her hand and together they walked into preschool, leaving their neurotic mother watching from her car and trying to hold back tears of pure happiness.  Tears because life is ever-changing.  There's always a new beginning around the corner.  Whether it's exciting or scary or maybe both, you try to embrace it and put the best spin on it possible.  While I know there is absolutely nothing I can do to slow down the years as they go flying past me, I find myself saying good-bye to one aspect of our lives and welcoming something new.  As I say good-bye to preschool and hello to elementary school, it's with a heavy heart.  Yes, the kids are just fine.  Yes, Hadley couldn't be more excited.  Elementary school is going to give me more of my life back, time for me to pursue some of my dreams and/or resurrect old thoughts and/or hobbies.  So the Alexanders are closing one chapter of our lives and opening a brand new one.  Here goes nothing...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Our wee little gymnast...

This past Saturday was Hadley's Spring Spectacular at her gymnastics studio.  GAA does this for the smaller kids in what they consider "pre-gym."  Basically, each child gets to show off his or her mad skills on the balance beam, uneven bars, etc, and then at the end of the presentation, each child is awarded a medal.  It's really cute and is supposed to leave each child feeling like a winner.  I didn't get to go last year which was Hadley's first participating year.  Doug & Delaney took her while I had to work so I made darn sure I took the day off this year so I could watch my baby in action.  All the of kids were really cute!  I mean, they're these little tiny people running around in the cutest frigging leotards what's not to like?  My Mom even surprised us by calling me early in the morning to say she was coming to watch too and Hadley almost expired from sheer excitement when I shared the news with her.  "Yaaaaaaayyyyyeeee!" 

 Big Sis, Lil Sis before the festivities

Warming up!

Our sweet girl sporting her new medal!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Motherhood through the years...

While I have only been a mother for 7 years...some days it feels longer and some days shorter.  As I sift through old and new photos, I realize how far I've come.  These little girls of mine, I have a love for them so intense and so overwhelming it's almost hard to describe.  Only I realize I probably don't need to as most mothers completely get what I am saying or not really saying.  While there are plenty of memories I would like to put to the back of my mind, there are so many more that override the scary-oh-my-God moments that we all have with our children.  It's in these good moments with my girls that heart is completely sated and happy and I know I was born to be a momma to Delaney & Hadley.  While some days I'm just winging and other days I'm basking in it, motherhood suits me and I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world.  Because as I say again and again, the important things in life aren't things... 

Friday, May 11, 2012

The day I got tased...

I have just finished mowing the grass...front AND back yard.  Why?  Because the Mr. is still recovering from the never-ending-ankle-injury.  He is making progress but still no cake yet.  So I have taken on the responsibility to do all the yard work until he's back in the saddle.  How I wish that it's sooner rather than later.  Anyhoo, I glance down and realize that because of the layer of sweat I'm covered in..all the dead grass bits that were floating around in the air as I was mowing have now stuck themselves to my entire sweaty gross body.  Ugh.  Not that I didn't know I was going to have to shower but because of how utterly filthy I am I basically have to go straight to the bathroom.  Which I do. 

As I hop out of the shower, I pad downstairs with my bathrobe on and throw a frozen pizza in the oven.  No way am I cooking this night.  I hurry back upstairs and check in on the girls in the playroom.  They are nicely and quietly playing a game on the computer.  Together.  Awww.  My sweet girls.  I dash back into my room and am in the process of putting on my shirt when I hear the doorbell ring.  Oh screw it.  Probably a neighborhood kid selling something or the random AJC guy who can offer me a better deal than I'm currently getting.  A few seconds pass and it's now a pounding on the front door.  What the fuck?  I throw on my pants and race down the stairs to give a peace of my mind to whomever can't take a hint.  Imagine my surprise when I see not one but two police officers standing on my front porch.  Uh oh.

"Ma'am, has someone in your house called 911 and then hung up?"  I am shocked.  And furious.  I know right there in that moment who called 911 and she's about to get her little ass chewed off.  "We tried calling your number back with no response." 

"I'm sorry but I have just gotten out of the shower.  I'm sure I know who did this."  I turn around and holler LOUDLY for Delaney to come downstairs.  She comes to the top of the stairs and peers down.  "Did you call 911?"  All the color drains out of her face and she nods reluctantly.

"Look who's here now that you did."  She comes downstairs and stops, horrified to see two police officers standing in the doorway.  Probably thinks they're about to haul her ass to jail.  "We don't call 911 unless we need help because these officers came here thinking something bad was happening and they could be out helping other people."

Both officers were super nice.  They spent a few minutes talking to Delaney about why it's important not to prank call 911.  She apologized and promised them she would only call them if there is a true emergency.  Of course I apologized and took my wet head and freshly showered ass back in the house.  I didn't even have to say another word to Delaney as she promptly burst into tears as soon as I shut the door. 

A few minutes pass and she comes running up to me.  "Daddy's here, and he's talking to the police men in the front yard.  He's gonna be so mad at me!!!!!"

Sure enough I glance out the window to see Doug talking to the officers.  Oh hell.  After a few minutes he's in the house, giving me a disbelieving look.  "I can't believe she called 911.  I asked the police what the heck is going on and they told me what happened and said they had to tase you with a taser gun because you were hysterical."  Oh they did?  Doug is finding this amusing.  Dammit.  I'm still a bit embarrassed so I'm not finding it quite as funny as he is.  Or the police for that matter. 

Moral of the story:  Delaney obviously knows how to dial 911.  Something tells me she's going to think it through before ever dialing them again.  Me...I'm just glad I had clothes on and not the bathrobe.  Never know who's gonna be knocking on your door.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Field Day

Okay...while May has got to be the fricking busiest month EVER...I couldn't resist stopping for a minute to share some of the highlights of field day!  Woot woot!  A few days prior to field day, Delaney was telling me how they signed up for the relays they would be participating in.  "Momma, I signed up for the toilet plunger relay!"  Hmm....what the hell is going on at her school?  "Can't wait to see you do it squirt!"  In all seriousness, the whole 2-1/2 hours was FUN!  The kids were super pumped up and the parents were all just as excited as we high-fived each other & did our fist pumps in the air as our kids proved us proud.  Cuz Delaney...she's pretty graceful carrying the ball around on a toilet plunger.  And while field day for me as a kid was something completely different, I could see why the kids were having a grand 'ole time.  This is their field day.  This is what they perfect and look forward to.  Their enthusiasm was contagious and we went home with happier hearts and a camera full of memories.

 Mikalah & Delaney = besties!

 Mrs. Gramling's 1st grade class

 Balloon Paddle

 It's almost like she's carrying a torch!

 Mrs. Gramling wrapping up her class in toilet paper (which the kids thought was GREAT)!

 Delaney, Kylie & Kaitlyn

 Potato Hockey

Um...this isn't awkward at all!