Monday, April 2, 2012

Water babies...

Sweet Delaney

Hadley & Lily

Hadley in her new suit (amazingly not a hand-me-down)

Delaney, Paige, Hadley & Lily

Their giant hole aka pool

Day One of Spring Break = Success! The kids were happy to be lake-side. I was happy to be in the sun. I have come to know one thing about myself over the years & that is that I am very MUCH affected by the weather. If it rains consistently for days at a time I find myself getting a bit depressed and melancholy. If it's sunny I am on cloud 9. I could seriously live in the desert and be happy. Doug is all, "We need rain dear. It has to rain." I know, I know. But when the sun is high and glorious, this mama bear is too. Sometimes, the sun can be too high and too glorious which is the case for today. Yes...I am fricking sunburned. And not just a little bit. No way. My legs are actually letting off heat at this moment. Lots and lots of heat. What's that? Why yes, I did wear sunscreen. In fact I applied it several times. With the wind blowing as I applied it, something tells me that maybe it didn't hit the marks as well as I thought it did.

Hadley: Momma, you're red and burned.

Me: Yes, I know this.

Hadley: Next time you need to sit in the shade.

Me: This is true. Now where is our aloe?

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