Sunday, April 15, 2012


What's going on at our place? Glad you asked! This is what's going down at our pad lately...

Doug is slowly but surely getting better. Still using crutches as he's not allowed to put any weight on his foot yet. He got a bone stimulator 2 weeks ago that he uses twice daily. He returns to the doctor in 2 weeks and we're HOPING to hear some really good news. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hadley cannot stop talking about her birthday party next weekend. Hint: Think reptiles...

Delaney informed me that she would like to go back to preschool. Evidently 1st grade is all work and no play. You know how that saying goes.

I finally saw The Hunger Games yesterday with a good friend. It was soooo good! Loved it and loved all the good acting. I shocked Doug by admitting it was way better than Twilight. (Gasp)

Doug looked at all the leftover hard-boiled eggs in our fridge from Easter and shuddered. Apparently, one can eat too many hard-boiled eggs. Luckily, none of our "people" eggs were harmed. I'm not sure how long they will live in our fridge but they're so darn cute I don't have the heart to throw them out.

Hadley's preschool teacher, Ms. Amy, is pregnant and due in mid-June. Hadley has been very excited for her. The other day she asked, "When is Ms. Amy's baby gonna hatch?" God bless her cute little heart...

Delaney has been working on even and odd numbers at school. While she was showering the other night, we started quizzing each other. Her turn to quiz me goes something like this:

D: Momma, is 504 an odd or even number?

Me: Odd

D: 504

Me: Odd

D: (Sighs loudly) Five hundred and fffffooooouuuuurrrrrrr

Me: I'll be right back.

I walk into the office and approach Doug.

Me: Is 504 an even number? (I seriously must have been having a huge brain fart because clearly I should know the answer to this question.)

Doug: Yep. Goes by the last number not the first.

Geez...I am seriously a dumbass. I know this. I know this. Why is it the second you have kids your brain goes to shit?

Me: D, you were right. It's even not odd.

D: I told you.

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Sarah said...

Okay I laughed out loud about the even/odd thing! That is why I refuse to ever teach a grade over 2nd!!