Sunday, April 1, 2012

Okay, okay...Uncle!

So...after much reflecting and a few emails from unnamed friends who have asked me to reconsider my "time off" attitude on blogging, I have decided I will continue to blog our family. Yep. And while I did sincerely need a time out to focus on the many ups & downs of our life at the moment, due mostly to Doug's fractured ankle, it made me realize that I do enjoy blogging and have missed doing so. I sifted through some of the older posts & found myself laughing, crying but mostly just smiling at how wonderful it is to see how much the girls have grown up. And while it can feel heart breaking to move from phase-to-phase and know that we are on the brink of having TWO girls in elementary school (gasp), I love knowing I have this little place in the world that I can go back to to read and jog down memory lane. So stay tuned & I promise to post more as to what we've been up to lately & post some pictures of our happenings! Thanks again for your support & remaining a part of our lives!

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Sarah said...

Yeah-so glad you are back!!