Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's always funny when retelling... Hadley, has developed quite the attitude lately.  More like she aged 10 years instead of just one on her birthday.  She's like a teenager trapped in a petite-I'm-about-to-start-kindergarten-body.  So, while I was checking my email the other day, she shows up standing next to the computer holding an unopened container of her favorite vanilla yogurt. 

H:  Momma, can I have this?

Me:  Nope.  You just ate a whole bowl of fish (goldfish) and fruit chews.  Nothing else til dinner time.

H:  Awwwwwwwuhhhhhhh!  That's not fair!  I'm starving!!!!!!

Me:  You should really learn to eat more at lunch so you won't be so hungry.

H:  I reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy want my yogurt!

Me:  Sorry.  Go put the yogurt back in the fridge please. 

H:  Well, if you're not gonna let me have it, I'm going to my room.

And off she goes, stomping all the way down the hallway and into her room where she SLAMS the door.  I wait about a minute and set off after her.  I knock softly onto her door and peek in to find her laying on the floor, scowling up at me.

Me:  Where's the yogurt?

H:  I hid it.  You won't find it.

I see the end of the cup peeking at me from behind her collection of breakable ceramic animal figurines.  I calmly walk over and scoop it up.  I turn around and of course she's glaring at me.

H:  I am NOT coming out of my room until you give me some yogurt to eat.

Me:  Then you will be sitting in this room for a long time.

I turn around and firmly shut her door and head down to the kitchen.  Approximately 30 minutes pass and I look over and see Hadley heading my way.

H:  I'm sorry I was mean to you Momma.

Me:  Thank you.  It's not nice to be mean to Momma because you don't get your way.  That hurts my feelings.

H:  You hurt my feelings because you didn't give my yogurt.

Me:  Momma is the boss around here and you may not always like what I say but it's my job to make the rules.

H:  Daddy is the boss too. 

Me:  (SIGH)  I know this.  But Daddy is at work so I'm the boss right now.

H:  (SIGH) Ok...

Later that evening I of course told Doug about our yogurt brawl and he started snickering and then I started giggling and before I knew it I had tears running down my face.  It definitely is always funnier when you're retelling a story verses being in the moment.

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