Friday, April 6, 2012

The Eggxperts...

Doug's comment to me, "How am I supposed to eat them when they have faces?"
I don't think that would go over well with the girls.

Easter egg decorating has definitely become more artsy & creative than it used to be. The evidence above clearly speaks for itself. And NO...I did not get any of our ideas from Pinterest! I actually snagged them from a Parents magazine article I saved from last year. Doug came home from work & found us holed up in the kitchen, bent over our precious eggs drawing pictures, gluing jewels, cutting hairstyles and asked, "Since when did decorating Easter eggs go past dying them?" With ideas from books, magazines, blogs and other media, I couldn't resist breaking out of our normal routine to give it a try. Turned out to be so much more fun than even I anticipated. I was most surprised by Hadley who really got into the spirit of it all. She patiently glued jewels, buttons, faux hair & drew the stinking cutest Easter egg smile I've ever seen. Delaney is such an artist that if an idea doesn't pan out quite the way she envisioned it, complete artist tantrum/meltdown. "I don't understand why this is melting off? It's not working Momma!" Big. Freaking. Sigh. "It's okay to not have it turn out perfectly Delaney. Look at this egg. Her hair bow has fallen off twice & I've had to reglue it. I just roll with it." In the end it worked itself out.

P.S. I noticed this morning that the eggs threw a party in the fridge. They made one helluva mess & I blame the blue guy with the mean Halloweenish face. Told Delaney he must have gotten dropped off on the wrong holiday. She assured me he belongs here in Easter. She just likes drawing scary faces right now. I'm putting that egg in her room next to her pillow while she's sleeping. No...I won't really. We have enough bad dreams around this place to keep the kiddie shrinks in biz for years.

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