Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's always funny when retelling... Hadley, has developed quite the attitude lately.  More like she aged 10 years instead of just one on her birthday.  She's like a teenager trapped in a petite-I'm-about-to-start-kindergarten-body.  So, while I was checking my email the other day, she shows up standing next to the computer holding an unopened container of her favorite vanilla yogurt. 

H:  Momma, can I have this?

Me:  Nope.  You just ate a whole bowl of fish (goldfish) and fruit chews.  Nothing else til dinner time.

H:  Awwwwwwwuhhhhhhh!  That's not fair!  I'm starving!!!!!!

Me:  You should really learn to eat more at lunch so you won't be so hungry.

H:  I reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy want my yogurt!

Me:  Sorry.  Go put the yogurt back in the fridge please. 

H:  Well, if you're not gonna let me have it, I'm going to my room.

And off she goes, stomping all the way down the hallway and into her room where she SLAMS the door.  I wait about a minute and set off after her.  I knock softly onto her door and peek in to find her laying on the floor, scowling up at me.

Me:  Where's the yogurt?

H:  I hid it.  You won't find it.

I see the end of the cup peeking at me from behind her collection of breakable ceramic animal figurines.  I calmly walk over and scoop it up.  I turn around and of course she's glaring at me.

H:  I am NOT coming out of my room until you give me some yogurt to eat.

Me:  Then you will be sitting in this room for a long time.

I turn around and firmly shut her door and head down to the kitchen.  Approximately 30 minutes pass and I look over and see Hadley heading my way.

H:  I'm sorry I was mean to you Momma.

Me:  Thank you.  It's not nice to be mean to Momma because you don't get your way.  That hurts my feelings.

H:  You hurt my feelings because you didn't give my yogurt.

Me:  Momma is the boss around here and you may not always like what I say but it's my job to make the rules.

H:  Daddy is the boss too. 

Me:  (SIGH)  I know this.  But Daddy is at work so I'm the boss right now.

H:  (SIGH) Ok...

Later that evening I of course told Doug about our yogurt brawl and he started snickering and then I started giggling and before I knew it I had tears running down my face.  It definitely is always funnier when you're retelling a story verses being in the moment.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The birthday in which I may have lost my mind...probably not though!

Sweet Birthday Girl

Hadley, meet lizard. Lizard, meet Hadley.

 Milk Snake (I don't care that this thing is non-venomous, if I see something like this slithering around my yard it's as good as dead if I can get to a shovel without dying of a heart attack.)

Baby Alligator

King Snake

 Python (I can still feel the blood draining out of my face at the sight of this creature.)

This snake weighs 64 lbs.  I tried to lift the tail to lay across the girls' legs but at the feel of this snake I backed away shaking my head.  NO WAY.

For all of you out there who have looked at the above pictures and convinced yourself you could never give a party like this one because you HATE reptiles and Katie is just crazy for letting these snakes into her house and yada yada yada, let me just say one thing to that...yes you can.  If I can, you can.  Trust me, I have no love whatsoever for snakes.  One of the things I have been adamant about since having kids of my own is, don't put your fears on your children.  And since I'm pretty nuts, with plenty of issues all my own, I have tried very hard to adhere to this rule if you will.  Clearly, the pictures just speak for themselves.  I mean, does Hadley look like she's scared of any of the snakes she's holding?  She practically swooned with delight.  Me?  Well, let's just say I sat through the party, snapping pictures and trying very hard not to think about an episode of Snakes Gone Wild going down in our family room.  But seriously, one of our greatest birthday parties ever.  The kids loved it.  We lucked out with beautiful weather so the kids were able to also get some play time in in the backyard.  I was able to kick back and catch up with some good friends.  Another year has come and gone and our sweet Hadley girl is 5.  5 years old.  Jeez.  Why does the time go by so fast?  Happy Birthday Hadley Marie...we love you so very much!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why kids aren't allowed to play the lottery...

Conversation I had this morning with Delaney while brushing her hair.

D: I wish I had a million dollars!

Me: You and me both.

D: If I won a million dollars, you know what I would buy?

Me: What?

D: First, I would buy a cuckoo clock for every room in the house. Second I would take a trip to Disney World. Third I would eat at a restaurant every Monday night for dinner.

Me: Sounds good to me! Except the cuckoo clocks. I'm not sure about that.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


What's going on at our place? Glad you asked! This is what's going down at our pad lately...

Doug is slowly but surely getting better. Still using crutches as he's not allowed to put any weight on his foot yet. He got a bone stimulator 2 weeks ago that he uses twice daily. He returns to the doctor in 2 weeks and we're HOPING to hear some really good news. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hadley cannot stop talking about her birthday party next weekend. Hint: Think reptiles...

Delaney informed me that she would like to go back to preschool. Evidently 1st grade is all work and no play. You know how that saying goes.

I finally saw The Hunger Games yesterday with a good friend. It was soooo good! Loved it and loved all the good acting. I shocked Doug by admitting it was way better than Twilight. (Gasp)

Doug looked at all the leftover hard-boiled eggs in our fridge from Easter and shuddered. Apparently, one can eat too many hard-boiled eggs. Luckily, none of our "people" eggs were harmed. I'm not sure how long they will live in our fridge but they're so darn cute I don't have the heart to throw them out.

Hadley's preschool teacher, Ms. Amy, is pregnant and due in mid-June. Hadley has been very excited for her. The other day she asked, "When is Ms. Amy's baby gonna hatch?" God bless her cute little heart...

Delaney has been working on even and odd numbers at school. While she was showering the other night, we started quizzing each other. Her turn to quiz me goes something like this:

D: Momma, is 504 an odd or even number?

Me: Odd

D: 504

Me: Odd

D: (Sighs loudly) Five hundred and fffffooooouuuuurrrrrrr

Me: I'll be right back.

I walk into the office and approach Doug.

Me: Is 504 an even number? (I seriously must have been having a huge brain fart because clearly I should know the answer to this question.)

Doug: Yep. Goes by the last number not the first.

Geez...I am seriously a dumbass. I know this. I know this. Why is it the second you have kids your brain goes to shit?

Me: D, you were right. It's even not odd.

D: I told you.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Spring Break in pictures...

Happy Easter y'all! While I would love to entertain you with wonderful tales of our Easter Sunday, I am completely brain dead. Yup. Thanks to the 7 different times I was poked & prodded last night by both girls, happily anticipating the Easter bunny & egg hunt, right now I am running out of steam.

Instead, check out our Spring Break & all the fun the Alexander girls had!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Girls with Dragon Tattoos

Just in time for Easter! Dragon tattoos! Oh know you're from Paulding County when both of your girls want big ass dragon tattoos on their arms....I wonder how they'll look decked out in their Easter garb.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Eggxperts...

Doug's comment to me, "How am I supposed to eat them when they have faces?"
I don't think that would go over well with the girls.

Easter egg decorating has definitely become more artsy & creative than it used to be. The evidence above clearly speaks for itself. And NO...I did not get any of our ideas from Pinterest! I actually snagged them from a Parents magazine article I saved from last year. Doug came home from work & found us holed up in the kitchen, bent over our precious eggs drawing pictures, gluing jewels, cutting hairstyles and asked, "Since when did decorating Easter eggs go past dying them?" With ideas from books, magazines, blogs and other media, I couldn't resist breaking out of our normal routine to give it a try. Turned out to be so much more fun than even I anticipated. I was most surprised by Hadley who really got into the spirit of it all. She patiently glued jewels, buttons, faux hair & drew the stinking cutest Easter egg smile I've ever seen. Delaney is such an artist that if an idea doesn't pan out quite the way she envisioned it, complete artist tantrum/meltdown. "I don't understand why this is melting off? It's not working Momma!" Big. Freaking. Sigh. "It's okay to not have it turn out perfectly Delaney. Look at this egg. Her hair bow has fallen off twice & I've had to reglue it. I just roll with it." In the end it worked itself out.

P.S. I noticed this morning that the eggs threw a party in the fridge. They made one helluva mess & I blame the blue guy with the mean Halloweenish face. Told Delaney he must have gotten dropped off on the wrong holiday. She assured me he belongs here in Easter. She just likes drawing scary faces right now. I'm putting that egg in her room next to her pillow while she's sleeping. No...I won't really. We have enough bad dreams around this place to keep the kiddie shrinks in biz for years.