Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Never a dull moment here...

For the few remaining people who didn't know it....this is why I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately. You know we Alexanders like to keep things interesting to say the least. Doug has a broken ankle. The pictures above are of his first cast (he's now sporting an army green one which has helped curb those funny comments made by friends and co-workers). He has to wear his new cast for 4 weeks at which point he's praying for a boot. If the bone doesn't heal itself he has been told that he will have to have a screw put in. Let's just say, we all really don't want that to be happening. Of course he broke his right ankle which means he can't drive. Anywhere. I have to say that his parents have been a pillar of support and help and we just can't thank them enough. Also a big thank you to Delaney who has enjoyed taking on the responsibility of handing crutches off, carrying dishes and/or anything that helps her daddy. She's like a little nurse in the making this child.

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