Thursday, December 22, 2011

"You could sleep in the stable for the night!"

Our precious little innkeeper

I know this is NOT a great picture but it does show Hadley at the mic saying her sweet line...

Roll out the red carpets & enroll my child in acting classes! That's right...Hadley nailed her line as the innkeeper in her preschool's very first Christmas program performed today. Mind you, she only had one line but she marched up to the microphone, with no prodding or shooing, and boldly announced, "You could sleep in the stable for the night!" When I say my heart burst, I mean it. I mentally high-fived my superstar and looked at Doug to see the same silly, sweet expression pasted on his face as well. That look that says it all. We have the cutest, smartest, best kid on the whole planet and she's all ours!

P.S. Sorry about the crappy quality of the pictures. There are few windows in the gym, where the play was held, to let in any natural light. And since I still haven't gotten the camera of my dreams, my little 'ole Canon Powershot will have to do the trick until then. Sigh....

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