Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa's offerings...

Every year, on Christmas night, I start feeling the "winter blues." I look at our pretty tree and it somehow seems sad without the prettily-wrapped packages sitting beneath. The kids are no longer counting the hours, minutes, seconds until Santa makes his appearance. I am no longer frantically trying to bake the last batch of sugar cookies, wrap last minute gifts or help the girls create that one last Christmas craft. While December is by far one of the busiest months in our house (probably all houses really), and some days I tell myself to slow it down, I still feel completely let down once it's over. "I can't believe it's already come and gone...again," I whine to Doug. "You say that every year," he replies. "But it's true! Before you know it it will be summer all over again," I say. And I will get over it as I do each and every year. There are more fun traditions to look forward to that have nothing to do with Christmas. But saying that doesn't make me miss it any less.

Doug & his remote control helicopter (which by the way has shattered one of the bulbs on my ceiling fan in the family room. I sure wish I had foreseen that!)

How nice is it when your older sister cheers you on & knows it when you've landed one bad-assed present?!

Why..hello Barbie! I think she's kinda sweet on Doug...

Some of my favorite moments each holiday we celebrate is the girls helping me in the kitchen. They are both so eager to help & I soak up every minute of it.

Hadley, Mee-Maw, Delaney & Poppie

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