Sunday, December 4, 2011

Keeping with tradition...

The frosting we used was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E and this kid sucked it up faster than a vacuum.

I love this picture. Hadley was whispering a secret, "Delaney, you're my BFF!" I love how even though Hadley tells her this secret 71 times a week, she still breaks into a silly grin and giggles like it's the first time she's heard it.

Notice another dark space in Delaney's mouth? Yep...she lost her other top tooth.

Don't you love how well Hadley matches her hair bows with her shirts? And because I am working on my "controlling my environment & people" problem I didn't even ask her to change it nor did I remove it from her hair for pictures. Who knows...maybe we'll use these pictures in our Christmas cards (no I have NOT ordered ours yet. See, it's like I'm totally transforming myself!).

Their finished product. The right window had a malfunction that I may or may not have caused. I'm telling you, this frosting was like frigging glue. Completely unforgiving...

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Sarah said...

You reminded me that we need to make our gingerbread houses!! By the way Hadley's bow kind of matches-the snowman has on a blue scarf :)