Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For the man in our lives...

Someone here just had a birthday....but this person, let's call him Doug, does not like to celebrate his birthday. Why? Now that's a good question and one that I have yet to figure out. Maybe some childhood drama with a clown? Your guess is as good as mine. Dunno know. Nonetheless, that didn't stop the girls in this house from wanting to celebrate. I mean ALL the girls too just so you know. Cuz, we love our man, our daddy, our friend, my husband. He works hard every single day with little complaints to take care of us. We just wanted to show him that while we are not gonna throw a big party and embarrass him, we did want to celebrate. Kinda gangsta-style too.

We even hired a band! Too much?

The planner

The helpers

Birthday Boy with his girls

One of Delaney's gifts, a faux glittery poinsettia. Cuz you can always use one of these!

I love this picture! I love how proud she is of the card she made & how excited Doug got which made her very very happy.

Hadley figured Doug could use more sponges. You know, you can never really have enough!

Pin the tail on the donkey (Delaney insisted).

Some people claimed she was cheating for feeling on the door for the tail area. I say, we didn't establish any rules up front so who I am to call her a cheater?

#1 Doug

#2 Hadley

#3 Delaney

#4 Katie

Some of us ended up wearing more than eating. So glad I decided to wait on the baths.

Minimal mess & so pretty :)

So I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs to take the girls to the Dollar Tree & let them pick out gifts for Doug's birthday. I gave each girl a $3 limit and told them they could buy whatever they thought their daddy would like. Here's what the birthday boy ended up with:

Delaney: cell phone case, tape measurer, glittery faux poinsettia

Hadley: sponges, TV remote, mini light to attach to a book

It turned out to be so much fun from the gifts to the pin the tail on the donkey to the cake! We had a wonderful night and hope the man in our lives knows how much we all love and adore him! Happy Birthday's to many many more!

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Sarah said...

I love it!! Great idea for the dollar store. I will have to remember that when Rob's birthday comes along!