Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Driving, turkeys and a whole lotta scooter riding

This year for Thanksgiving, we packed up the Subaru and headed north. We drove for almost a 1,000 miles to the great state of Iowa to spend the holiday with our extended family. First family road trip to Iowa ever. And I was dreading it like I dread cleaning my bathrooms. Not because I couldn't wait to see our family. Because. I. Hate. Driving. That. Far. I can recollect all of the long drives we used to take as kids without all the bells and whistles we have now. Like the DS. Or Leapster. Or iPods. A promise is a promise though and I told my aunt & uncle we would come so by God, we came.

Our little Native American

Delaney sporting her new Razor Graffiti Scooter she bought with her birthday money

Hadley riding on her new Barbie Scooter (her sister's old scooter). She is thrilled because it's not slow like her Dora scooter. She's not even allowed to look at her Barbie scooter unless she's wearing a helmet (yeah, it's that bad).

This is what much of Iowa looks like.

The girls thought it was so cool that cows were just grazing everyfreakingwhere.

Bundle up girls cuz it's cold outside!

Hadley & Uncle Brian (who is by far one of the best uncles in the whole wide world).

Aunt Shelly with the girls

Family shot (side note: I was thinking of using this picture on our family Christmas card but Doug shot that down immediately after seeing it as our background on the computer).

Action shot

Yes, scooters are even fun for adults!

Shelly was a bit more nervous than Brian...

We're breaking all the rules in Iowa! We don't need no stinking rules...(calm down people, we were in a secluded parking lot in the middle of nowhere).

Sm'ores time!

No...Delaney didn't like her sm'ores at all.

I haven't even looked at this game since junior high at least. They really should put a warning on the box that you might wanna stretch your muscles before attempting to contort your body into harmful positions.

Cousin Jenni with the girls

After we left Delaney openly sobbed her heart out for 45 minutes. This was taken later in the afternoon. Poor poopskie. You can't cry like that without taking a siesta.

We had such a good time. I have been unable to stop dwelling on the thought that maybe we need to be closer to our extended family. Being around them all made me miss the whole good chaotic feel that holidays have when you're surrounded by the folks you have all this history with. I loved seeing my cousins because there are 1,000 memories of playing in my grandma's basement with them as kids. Our family has the one uncle who has consistently been playing practical jokes on everyone since as far back as I can remember. He did not disappoint me this time either. I love how everyone shows up with tons of food and we sit around and eat and talk and eat and talk. Most of all, I love how even though it's been years since I've visited, it's like we pick up where we left off as if nothing ever changed. All still held together by the thread of family. And it's nice that the girls finally can put faces to names. Until our next visit, I will have to replay this one over and over.

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