Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Delaney as Pinkie Pie

Hadley as Starsong

Sunday, October 30, 2011

In which Lucy carves her own pumpkin...

Fall has fast become my favorite season. I love the cool crisp air and the smell of the heat when you turn it on for the first time. You know, that funny weird smell in which you scour your brain wondering if you left the iron plugged in or something is melting in the dishwasher. I love the way the leaves all turn color. Looking out our front window to spy the trees across the street in vibrant oranges, reds and yellows. I love pajama pants and sweatshirts. I love snuggling up to Doug each night and sticking my ice cold freezing feet on his legs and hearing him yelp like a girl. I love Halloween and the girls whisking all the costume magazines up to their rooms where they peruse over them for hours, deciding which costume they need the most. I love cooking our meals in the crock pot. I love coming home from being gone for the better part of a day to smell the wonderful aroma wafting through the kitchen and knowing dinner is already done.

This weekend we tackled one of our favorite fall traditions. Pumpkin carving! Doug is like the pumpkin carving master complete with various tools that come along with our kits we have bought and kept over the years. This year, due to the short stature of our pumpkin, we opted for the spooky ghost scene. Which is super awesome if I do say so myself. Doug definitely pulls his weight with the pumpkin carving. The girls "help" with the guts and probably spend about 98% of the time playing and making various food scenarios. Which is fine since they can't really use knives to help carve.

Something else we did after all the carving was had a family movie night complete with It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! I happened to be shopping at Walgreens the other day when I came across it. I LOVE Charlie Brown and have many fond memories of me and my brother watching various Charlie Brown movies as kids. And since we were due a movie night I figured why not? Of course the girls loved it, especially Snoopy. I forgot how darn bossy that Lucy is...and funny. One scene shows Lucy carrying in the super sharp kitchen knives and carving up her pumpkin. Doug starts making disapproving noises and I crack up because you can tell these movies were so made in a different time. A time when we rode our bicycles with NO helmets. A time when you left in the morning and played in the woods all the live long day and didn't even check in with your mother unless you were bleeding or hungry. A time when if you talked about someone's momma you got your ass kicked and you know you deserved it. A time when you were considered a responsible babysitter at the age of 10 & got paid a $1 per hour per kid. A time when you learned how to swim not by the aquatic center but by jumping off the diving board and praying to God that you managed to splash and kick your way over to the ladder. But nonetheless, watching Charlie Brown with the girls was fun and made Doug and I feel like kids again. Which is a nice feeling...real nice.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Her new look

This kid has yet to pull her own tooth out. First one was taken out courtesy of her dentist. The second one Hadley managed to yank out on a grocery excursion in Publix. Her top tooth has been loose for two WHOLE months. Delaney refused to pull it out. Finally, after off & on bleeding that left the girls bathroom looking like a crime scene straight out of CSI, Doug managed to yank it out. Delaney commented, "It didn't even hurt!" I informed her that the tooth fairy might leave her more money if she does the deed herself. Her other top front tooth is loose but I have yet to see her even wiggle it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going to the chapel...

This past weekend, my little brother got married. He is now officially a husband. I now have a sister. My parents now have two daughters. Her parents have a son. You get the gist of this. My brother asked the girls to be in the wedding as a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid. I wasn't sure if Hadley was going to cooperate as she tends to get a little nervous around big groups of adults that she doesn't know well. Don't worry, be happy....she did just fine! All the kids did so great it made my heart burst with joy watching it. The ceremony was short and sweet. I was even introduced to something I've never seen or heard of until now...unity sand. That's right, not a unity candle but the blending of two different sands. I was unsure about it at first but I have to say that by the end of the ceremony I was totally sold on the idea and thought that if it had been around when we got hitched I would have liked to do it too.

Listening to my brother and his bride say their vows, it made me think back to our vows and wonder if I could add to it as someone who has been married for 10 years. What would I add? What would the Katie now say to Katie back then? Words of wisdom? How about that marriage is hard, hard work and there are gonna be days when you're ready to throw in the towel but don't. Because in my opinion one of the most important lines you repeat is "for better or worse, in good times and bad." We all love the good times but struggle with the bad. But this is marriage, and even if I could go back and give Katie then some advice, I wouldn't change a thing. Marriage might be hard work but it can be so rewarding too. I get to spend my life with my best friend. My husband knows me better than anyone else on earth. While we are not a perfect couple, we are perfect for each other. At the end of the day, there's no one else I'd rather be with.

To Chris & Christy, I wish you both all the best on a lifetime of discovering your best friend and all that it entails. Hold on tight to each other and enjoy the ride...

Carter & Hunter

Hadley & Delaney

She's seriously happy (can't you tell)!

Nana fluffing her hair one last time...

The happy groom!

Unity Sand

The flower girls got a little bored so they threw out the remaining petals in their baskets.

Four generations picture

My parents with the grandkids

The groom's cake (Iowa Hawkeye)

First Dance as Mr. & Mrs. Tesch

Dad & Daughter Dance (so sweet!)

Mother & Son Dance (I bawled like a baby)

Nana & Hadley busting a move!

"Dance with us Uncle Chris!"

Can you tell we love to dance?

Hadley's last dance of the evening....with her Papa.

And what a wonderful night it was!