Monday, August 22, 2011

In their eyes...

Hadley, me & Buddy (poor Buddy's head got cut off)

Pirate Delaney who obviously found it unimportant to stand still while being photographed all while Hadley's finger is blocking part of the lens.


Hadley & Mittens

Hadley modeling their play jewelry & accessories

(I tried to explain that it's easier to take pictures if you're not moving around at the same time)

Delaney's favorite stuffed shark "Hammy" & me smooching

Buddy walking down the stairs (duh)

Hadley's bed & her favorite stuffed toys (her FROGS!)

In their eyes, this is what the world looks like. Toys. Dogs. Mommy. Sisters. The girls have really been into taking pictures lately. They have their own camera but unfortunately the battery is dead and I'm obviously too lazy to replace it. So I agreed they could borrow my camera for a little while and off they scampered giggling and giddy with all the picture taking they could do with a "grown up" camera. It seems that big sister did most of the picture taking. Hadley didn't seem to mind posing with all the various toys and shenanigans. I even stopped to pose for a few myself (side note: I realize I look like hell in both pictures but we had just gotten home from a trip to the lake so I was freshly showered and that was the extent of it). Even though the pictures turned out horrible, the girls had a blast & loved seeing their pictures on the computer. They keep pestering me to borrow it again and I wish I could refuse them with the line "you might break it" but considering it's ghetto-rigged because of ME, seems like a silly & useless thing to say. It will make a nice hand-me-down.

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