Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Growing up...

What better way to start 1st grade than to get your ears pierced? None! For two years I have on & off asked my precious first-born daughter if she was ready to do the deed. "No mommy, it will hurt!" I tried reassuring her that it's only a pinch and then it's over. This past year I noticed that almost all of her friends already had theirs done & thought this might bolster her confidence. "I talked to Emily & Indya. Emily said it didn't hurt. Indya told me it did hurt. I don't know who to trust mommy!" Either way, it didn't really bother me. I figured she would take the plunge when ready. Yesterday she was sorting through some earrings of mine & together we stumbled upon my old earrings I had when I was her age. She became very interested. Delaney was even more excited after she dug up my lizard & turtle earrings that I'm sure I wore in high school. "Do you want to get your ears pierced now?" She looked at the earrings & looked up into my eyes and said, "Yes. I'm ready." I was stunned. I really didn't expect that answer at all. "Do you want to go today?" She ponders this & says, "No. How about tomorrow?"

All smiles prior to anything being done!

Finding the perfect spots!

Doesn't this break your heart? Well...it broke mine! She never screamed or cried but after the first earring pierced her ear, her eyes welled up with tears and she looked at me & said, "That hurt momma." I wanted to throw my arms around her but I could tell she was trying to be brave and not draw any attention to herself. "You are being so brave Delaney!"

After the ordeal was over she was all smiles! The earrings she chose were her birthstone (November). She's already got her eye on horse earrings that I've promised her she can try out in a few months.

My big 1st grader! My first-born girl is growing up...

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Sarah said...

Yeah for Delaney!! We thought about getting Katie's pierced now because she won't remember and we can do it at my mom's office but we just haven't yet!