Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our cowgirl...

Delaney & Angel (the one horse I actually was not afraid of!)

Nikki, Lindsey & Delaney (her camp counselors)

Delaney riding on Wizard


Delaney just had the best week of the whole summer. And she spent this week at Equestrian Camp. As a lot of you know, Delaney is our horse lover. Looking through her scrapbooks, I noticed that this fascination with horses started at age 2. Doug and I had taken her to a farm out near Ball Ground to spend the day doing pumpkin picking, animal feeding, etc. They had a section roped off for horse rides. With absolutely no fear, she walked right up to the ring and pointed to the horse and said, "I ride horsie!" A love was born like no other in her life. Instead of playing with dolls & barbies, she opts for horses. I wondered how long this phase would last. Almost 5 years later and it's still going strong. The preschool director at Hadley's school emailed me a brochure for Equestrian Camp back in the spring and even though it seemed a little out of our price range, I felt it was important to help Delaney pursue this love and dream. In her words to me, "When I grow up, I'm gonna move to Texas and be a cowgirl." She stands firm by this. Never wavering. And if there's anything that stands out about Delaney, it's determination.

So she spent 5 days at Equestrian Camp riding horses, grooming horses, feeding horses, bathing horses. You get it. Horses, horses, horses. Every single day when I picked her up, she was literally covered front head to toe in dirt and hay. But what struck me the most was this glow she had. It was like that infinite happiness you feel that makes you glow from the inside out. She talked non-stop about her camp. She played with all of her horse toys. She couldn't wait to get back the next day to do it all over again. And her joy made me feel good too. I was happy that she was getting to pursue her dream. Even if it's a small step, for Delaney if felt big. At the end of the week they put on a show for the families to come see all their hard work. Watching her on a horse made me realize that she really does belong there. While the thought makes me cringe as I myself am not a horse person, Delaney looks magnificent on a horse and it makes me so proud of her. Strong, beautiful, young and confident. The makings of our daughter. A glimpse of more to come.

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