Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not for the faint...

Working in pediatrics is very interesting to say the very least. Every weekend holds an anticipation as to what strange ailment will present itself this time. Low and behold, I have seriously heard it all. This is a brief recollection of the phone call that left my mouth sagging open and the gross factor off the charts.

Me: Good morning, XXX Pediatrics, how may I help you?

Patient: Hi, yesterday my son ate an engorged tick. We spoke to Poison Control and they told us what symptoms we need to watch for. They also told us we need to call your office and inform you of what happened.

Me: Excuse me? Did you say engorged tick? (I knew I heard her wrong.)

Patient: Yes ma'am (she chuckles).

Me: (I'm silent because I don't even know where to begin.) Let me speak to one of our nurses. Hang on please.

Monica, one of our nurses, is sitting next to me. I relay the information to her. She too, is stunned. Speechless in fact. We agree that we don't know what the hell to tell this mom. We agree that Dr. X will call her back when she gets in. For those of you (like me) who wonder how in the hell a child could eat an engorged tick? According to mom, the tick fell from the dog onto the floor where the child was sitting. The child, who is 15 months old, plucked it off the floor & popped it into his mouth like a piece of popcorn. I, who am not squeamish at all, felt nauseous at the news of the tick and where it's currently residing. As gross as Hadley is, I am so grateful we haven't had this dilemma. Yet.

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Sarah said...

OMG-that is so gross! I am so glad one of my boys hasn't done that.