Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skull Island

Top of the "skull" where the water dumps out of the bucket & drenches anyone brave enough to stand underneath of it!

Delaney awaiting the bucket to be dumped!

Welcome to Skull Six Flags. This year we bought a family pass to Six Flags. I was all giddy and excited, having just come off of a high from Disney World. Know this, Six Flags is nothing like Disney World. True, I haven't stepped foot in Six Flags since 2002. So 9 years to be exact. But nonetheless, the first time we took the family to Six Flags for the day, I was not a happy camper. I whined and complained the entire time. The staff consists mostly of teenagers. And they're not happy. And they constantly say, "Have a Six Flags day!" Like, what the hell does that even mean? If you mean "Have a miserable over-priced kinda day," well that would be accurate. So needless to say, I just knew we had wasted money purchasing the family pass. Enter Skull Island. This past weekend we packed the girls up in their bathing suits and headed over to give it a whirl. Let's just say, Doug and I looked at each other and both agreed that Skull Island just made our season passes totally worth it. I daresay, we may even buy again next year. Cuz, Skull Island was freaking awesome! The girls had a blast. I didn't even get wet and I was having a blast! It's just perfect. The girls played for about an hour and a half. We stripped off their wet suits to change into clothes and hit the rides. We gradually made our way back towards the exit and called it a day. Perfection I say! And we now have yet another place to go to bask in the water as the temperatures here are still holding in the 90's.

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Sarah said...

I laughed aloud at the "have a six flags day" comment!! I am glad my boys haven't learned about six flags yet!