Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Campout

Hadley's very 1st fish (look how bright her eyes are!)

"The" Storm approaching

For those that don't know this about me, I do NOT camp in tents. That are outside. With snakes and bugs and other critters I'd rather not think about. The kind of camping I do is in a cottage, cabin, RV, camper, etc, etc. You know, the kind of place that has indoor plumbing and air conditioning. For these reasons, Doug and the girls went camping this Father's Day weekend. Without me. It's not that dramatic because they were at a campground about 25 minutes away which means I got to visit twice. I don't mind the other activities such as fishing, swimming, hiking, etc. but there's something about sleeping on the hard ground in the blazing heat of summer that just doesn't quite appeal to me. So anyway, the girls and Doug spent Friday night and most of Saturday at the campground just having a good 'ole time. No electronical devices were allowed with the exception of Doug's phone. They were supposed to spend Saturday night there as well but thanks to a storm that blew threw and scared the living daylights out of both girls (and their momma), the rest of the camping trip was cut short. It was probably most exciting for Hadley who has never been camping before. According to big sis, the kid would not shut up when bedtime came a calling. "She just kept talking!" In Hadley's defense, "I just wanted to momma!" The favorite past-time was fishing from the mouths of the littles. And the scooter riding, chalk drawing, bubble blowing, bug catching, boat riding, lake swimming, worm catching, etc, etc. So even though poor Doug did not get to spend the entire weekend as he'd hoped, at least he has two girls that love and adore camping as much as he does and will keep him company on such outings for many more weekends to come. Happy Father's Day Doug! You are a wonderful father and our girls couldn't be luckier!

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