Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And the yellow belt goes to...

Mr. Rodgers & Delaney

Hadley thought it would be fun to tie on D's old white belt!

I have to say that we are ALL so proud of our big girl Delaney Grace! She tested for her yellow belt 5 days ago and tonight was awarded her belt. The head instructor made a point of telling all of the parents that being a white belt is one of the hardest belts to be. I nodded my head in absolute agreement as he was talking. Delaney started off very slow and I wondered if TaeKwonDo would be her thing or not. After about 6 weeks I noticed she really took off and seemed to grasp everything much better. So hearing Mr. Dickson talk about how hard it is starting off made me realize that it wasn't just Delaney but most white belts in particular. And to see how far she's come made me a proud mama! I was proud on testing night that she was in the very first group to test and did everything dead on. She never had to repeat any moves. While that may not seem like a big deal, for Delaney, who is extremely shy, I knew it was. But she never wavered and did all that was asked of her on the very first try. I wavered between letting her test now or waiting until the next round (beginning of August). I am so glad that I trusted Delaney and took that leap of faith. On the one hand, if she didn't advance I knew it would be disappointing and I didn't want her to feel badly about it. I made a point of telling her that it was okay if she didn't advance the first time around. Practice makes perfect and all that speech. On the other hand, if she felt in her heart she was ready, I wanted her to know we had faith that she could do it. And by God, she did. And as always, we are so very, very proud!

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