Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Campout

Hadley's very 1st fish (look how bright her eyes are!)

"The" Storm approaching

For those that don't know this about me, I do NOT camp in tents. That are outside. With snakes and bugs and other critters I'd rather not think about. The kind of camping I do is in a cottage, cabin, RV, camper, etc, etc. You know, the kind of place that has indoor plumbing and air conditioning. For these reasons, Doug and the girls went camping this Father's Day weekend. Without me. It's not that dramatic because they were at a campground about 25 minutes away which means I got to visit twice. I don't mind the other activities such as fishing, swimming, hiking, etc. but there's something about sleeping on the hard ground in the blazing heat of summer that just doesn't quite appeal to me. So anyway, the girls and Doug spent Friday night and most of Saturday at the campground just having a good 'ole time. No electronical devices were allowed with the exception of Doug's phone. They were supposed to spend Saturday night there as well but thanks to a storm that blew threw and scared the living daylights out of both girls (and their momma), the rest of the camping trip was cut short. It was probably most exciting for Hadley who has never been camping before. According to big sis, the kid would not shut up when bedtime came a calling. "She just kept talking!" In Hadley's defense, "I just wanted to momma!" The favorite past-time was fishing from the mouths of the littles. And the scooter riding, chalk drawing, bubble blowing, bug catching, boat riding, lake swimming, worm catching, etc, etc. So even though poor Doug did not get to spend the entire weekend as he'd hoped, at least he has two girls that love and adore camping as much as he does and will keep him company on such outings for many more weekends to come. Happy Father's Day Doug! You are a wonderful father and our girls couldn't be luckier!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skull Island

Top of the "skull" where the water dumps out of the bucket & drenches anyone brave enough to stand underneath of it!

Delaney awaiting the bucket to be dumped!

Welcome to Skull Six Flags. This year we bought a family pass to Six Flags. I was all giddy and excited, having just come off of a high from Disney World. Know this, Six Flags is nothing like Disney World. True, I haven't stepped foot in Six Flags since 2002. So 9 years to be exact. But nonetheless, the first time we took the family to Six Flags for the day, I was not a happy camper. I whined and complained the entire time. The staff consists mostly of teenagers. And they're not happy. And they constantly say, "Have a Six Flags day!" Like, what the hell does that even mean? If you mean "Have a miserable over-priced kinda day," well that would be accurate. So needless to say, I just knew we had wasted money purchasing the family pass. Enter Skull Island. This past weekend we packed the girls up in their bathing suits and headed over to give it a whirl. Let's just say, Doug and I looked at each other and both agreed that Skull Island just made our season passes totally worth it. I daresay, we may even buy again next year. Cuz, Skull Island was freaking awesome! The girls had a blast. I didn't even get wet and I was having a blast! It's just perfect. The girls played for about an hour and a half. We stripped off their wet suits to change into clothes and hit the rides. We gradually made our way back towards the exit and called it a day. Perfection I say! And we now have yet another place to go to bask in the water as the temperatures here are still holding in the 90's.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And the yellow belt goes to...

Mr. Rodgers & Delaney

Hadley thought it would be fun to tie on D's old white belt!

I have to say that we are ALL so proud of our big girl Delaney Grace! She tested for her yellow belt 5 days ago and tonight was awarded her belt. The head instructor made a point of telling all of the parents that being a white belt is one of the hardest belts to be. I nodded my head in absolute agreement as he was talking. Delaney started off very slow and I wondered if TaeKwonDo would be her thing or not. After about 6 weeks I noticed she really took off and seemed to grasp everything much better. So hearing Mr. Dickson talk about how hard it is starting off made me realize that it wasn't just Delaney but most white belts in particular. And to see how far she's come made me a proud mama! I was proud on testing night that she was in the very first group to test and did everything dead on. She never had to repeat any moves. While that may not seem like a big deal, for Delaney, who is extremely shy, I knew it was. But she never wavered and did all that was asked of her on the very first try. I wavered between letting her test now or waiting until the next round (beginning of August). I am so glad that I trusted Delaney and took that leap of faith. On the one hand, if she didn't advance I knew it would be disappointing and I didn't want her to feel badly about it. I made a point of telling her that it was okay if she didn't advance the first time around. Practice makes perfect and all that speech. On the other hand, if she felt in her heart she was ready, I wanted her to know we had faith that she could do it. And by God, she did. And as always, we are so very, very proud!

Monday, June 6, 2011

August in June...

Doug about to hit D with a water balloon!

Delaney launching a water balloon at me

Hadley before she launched her balloon at me (what's the deal?)

Splash Park in Roswell

After ALL that play, the girls retire to do a little sunbathing

What's good on a hot day? SpongeBob Squarepants ice cream!

We're into our second full week here of summer break. So far it's a toss up as to how good it's been. The start of it with our family get-a-way to Tennessee was brought to a halt thanks to Delaney's farewell present from Kindergarten...strep throat! Less than 5 days later, Hadley (who didn't want to be outdone) came down with croup. So after swabbing the house with Lysol wipes and lecturing Hadley about licking the shopping cart at Publix, we're hoping to bring all the sickness to a bitter end.

Temperatures here lately have been in the upper 90's which is actually pretty hot for this time of year. We usually see this weather by the end of July, beginning of August. I can't remember the last time it rained. The sky clouded up last night and all the kids' inflatable pool stuff that was on the back porch was flying around in the yard as if a tornado was about to touch down. All bark, no bite. Not a single drop of rain to be had. So with weather like this we have mainly been either indoors or in water. Mostly in water. We've done the lake, the pool and today we ventured over to Splash Park in Roswell to play in the fountains. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the water and I enjoyed sitting under the huge canopy in the shade watching all the kids who were with their nannies acting downright brat-crazy. Of course when we were done we just had to hit up the ice cream stand and purchase SpongeBob Squarepants ice cream bars for $3 a pop. Hadley licked a few spots and went right for the gum ball eyes and declared herself done. For $3, I told her I would finish it even if she is a walking germ. Nonetheless, sick or not, this family is having a great summer thus far.