Thursday, May 12, 2011

Water, water, everywhere!

With the end of the school year looming ahead (just next week), Hadley's preschool class had their end of year party today. We ate outside alfresco-style and then the kids suited up and hit the water. It was simple really: 2 tiny baby pools, a Nemo sprinkler, bubbles, sugar cookies & jello cups but the kids really had a blast. Makes you realize how sometimes we can really blow things out of proportion when it takes very little to make them happy. My girl would have been happy with an endless supply of whipped topping. Her lunch today consisted of 1 bite of her turkey & cheese sandwich, fruit chews, 2 sugar cookies, and 1 jello cup. Normally I would have let her starve than give her so much crap all at once but it was a par-tay so what's a momma gonna do? Those kids are just darn lucky I didn't elbow them out of the way and take over that sprinkler. With temperatures reaching towards 90 degrees and a scrap of shade the size of my foot, it was freaking hot! But with the squeals and shrieks reaching an all-time high, it was totally worth it.

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lydknitgurl97 said...

I love her swimming suit!