Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kindergarten PTA Performance

This is a combination of all 4 Kindergarten classes.

A ridiculously cute version of The Three Little Pigs.

Sassy Pose!

Here's our big 'ole Kindergartener! She just melts our hearts...

It's funny because the "lion face" is becoming Hadley's signature pose and I didn't even realize she did this until after I snapped the picture.

Don't you just love how Delaney is trying her Hollywood-weird-head-angle-look? All that singing in front of such a large crowd tends to do this to a person.

So of course I am that mother that took her digital camera to her first born daughter's Kindergarten performance only to realize the batteries need to be charged. But alas, I had spare batteries in my purse for such an occasion. Unfortunately, because of an incident about 6 months prior where an unnamed individual was swinging said camera around and it slipped and fell and now the darn compartment where the batteries are stored won't shut unless it's taped shut with shipping tape no less, so I couldn't manage to get the tape loose so I could replace the batteries. So the moral of this story is...don't swing your camera around like an idiot thinking you won't drop it because you will. And make sure your ghetto ass camera's batteries are charged and ready to go for such an important milestone in your child's life.

We were serenaded with songs such as Goldilocks & the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and Humpty Dumpty. My personal favorite was the Three Little Pigs where the kids all whipped out their sunglasses and the boys were croaking in the lowest voice they could achieve trying to mimic the wolf. It was so darn cute! I could tell my girl was nervous but she did everything she was supposed to and I couldn't have been more proud of her.

Later that night...

Me: There were a lot of people there tonight. Were you nervous singing in front of so many people?

D: Yes I was momma. But I just focused and kept on singing like I was supposed to.

Me: Focused? (Mind you I know what this word means but have never her my girl utter this word in a sentence before).

D: You know, focused. Like I was watching my teachers real hard and not watching the people in the bleachers so I wouldn't be scared. Mrs. Robinson told us to do that if we were scared.

Me: What a good idea! You were so great!

And she was so great. Another night that reminds me that my big first born daughter is growing up. And she makes this family so proud. And we love her so much!

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