Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 stripes

So the Tae Kwon Do is really working out. I had my doubts at first, mainly because for the first two weeks we saw no other girls. Delaney didn't seem too upset about it but I couldn't believe that she would be the only girl in the white belt class. Since then many other girls have trickled in and I sighed a huge sigh of relief. Then I was concerned that Delaney was not getting it. She seemed a little uncoordinated and she seemed to forget some of the moves she was learning. She is currently going to class 3 times a week (even though she has told me she could go every day if I would just take her). Not happening. So for weeks she was walking around with one lowly green stripe on her white belt. I could tell she was trying really hard not to get upset or frustrated by the fact that some of the others had more stripes than she did. "Some of those kids have been coming longer than you have." Mr. Rodgers has repeatedly told her she's doing great and just to keep practicing the moves at home.

Fast forward to this week. I noticed, while balancing Hadley on my lap while she's playing Delaney's DS and babbling to Spongebob & Patrick like they're having a private conversation, that Delaney was looking good out there. She was sharper in her moves and was able to defend herself a bit better than I've seen before. Tuesday she was awarded with her second stripe, a blue stripe. Thursday she was awarded with her third stripe, a red stripe. I think there is only one remaining stripe for her to achieve, an orange one. After that she gets to do "testing" to advance up into a yellow belt. It's all about the belt people. The look on her face as her instructor taped on her stripe(s) was priceless. I was elated for her! She looked over at me smiling her big smile and I gave her a little wave with my own huge smile to let her know that I saw her do it and I was so proud.

Fast forward to two days later in our front yard. Delaney is wearing her karate belt because she's going to "teach" me how to do TKD. Okay. Shouldn't be too hard. She shows me a few moves to help me learn how to get out of an attack if the attacker is holding onto my wrist. I nail it. She shows me a few "sweep" moves with her hand which basically ended with her chopping my stomach with her arm. Ouch. Kinda hurt but moving on. She then shows me a series of different moves (about 5-6) with a block here and a punch there. Okay, I'm a little lost. "Please show me again." So we do it about 4-5 times. I'm feeling kinda kick ass. Some neighbors drive by. Our good friends stop and chat for a few minutes. I'm feeling all zen with my jeans and bare feet doing TKD in the grass with my biggest. And I'm sending a message. Don't mess with us, we know TKD and we will kick your ass if we have to. For real.

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